A Bit Chilly

These boys love to dig and be outside like their Mama. Today we may have been pushing our luck. It was in the 20s and they are both wearing many layers of jackets, pants and socks, but the chill set in after 20 minutes or so of playing and we had to head home.

21 Months

Nicholas is really starting to let his goofy side shine through. If you ask for a Cooper cheese smile this is what you get from Nicholas. He has mastered it! A highlight is when Jan, the house cleaner, comes every other week. Nicholas can’t wait to get his hands on the Swiffer. He is now resisting taking a nap until he knows she has left and there is no more opportunity to clean. Speaking of sleeping. I was reading back on the blog about Cooper at this age and how we used to look at him sleeping every night before we went to bed. I got that warm fuzzy feeling and couldn’t believe we had not been doing that with Nicholas. After Nicholas woke up and started crying for 15 minutes 3 of the 5 nights we went to look at him we decided it wasn’t the best idea after all. We are now starting to check on Cooper again since he stayed asleep during our trial week, but it just proves again that Nicholas is a very light sleeper like his Grandpa. This month we learned that Nicholas loves shrimp (read ate 15 large shrimp at dinner before even touching pasta) and pomegranate (read consumes in 1 cup increments at snack time and asks for more). First time eating shrimp and pomegranate, first haircut with Daddy, first vision and hearing tests.  

Family Haircut

After a very successful solo first haircut with both boys and a complete flop solo second haircut with both boys I called in the reinforcements. It worked out perfectly, I got in some black Friday shopping and then Daddy met me at the salon with the boys. It went swimmingly and the boys loved Auntie Di Di cutting their hair in Daddy’s lap. All cleaned up with their new hairdos and ready to take on the world or at least harass a Christmas tree.