Dinner Flight

We are moving into the hard time of year to get the kids up in the plane. The days are shorter and the weather is cloudier. The stars aligned today for a wonderful dinner trip to Tacoma Narrows. Nicholas wasn’t sure of flying at first, but it was a quick trip and they both loved dinner at the diner. The flight home was smooth sailing too. Thanks for another flying adventure, Daddy!

First Mariners Game

We had talked about it for a very long time and today we finally took the kids to their first Mariners game. Up until this point Cooper had only attended one baseball game and that was at 11 months old watching the Montgomery Biscuits minor league team in Alabama. We brought Grandma and Grandpa too. Cooper loved sitting by Grandma and really got into cheering for the game and mimicked all of her sayings. It was really fun to watch him learning so much about the game from her. Nicholas loved running the walkways with Grandpa to get his sillies out. During their walks Grandpa even found a place to get each boy a certificate to commemorate their first Mariners game. These two and their beer obsession…. Daddy wanted to get Cooper a treat at the game. Once he saw the chocolate covered strawberries stand there was no convincing him that he wanted anything else.

Swim Lessons

Our Saturday mornings are now swimming mornings. Cooper and Nicholas are both taking lessons at the YMCA. Cooper was a bit timid for his first set of lessons without a parent in the water with him. Daddy took a morning off from work to take Cooper to the pool and this magically turned the experience around. Cooper willingly and excitedly participated in the remaining lessons with the teacher after that magic morning with Daddy. Nicholas really enjoyed his first set of lessons with Daddy. Mama loved being there to help with the two kiddos and not having to get in the water too.