17 months

Development: We have a walker! He has also stopped nursing and showed an increase appreciation for books. He has discovered he can open door handles. When it is the front door he opens he quickly gets off the top step and gets as far as he can down the walkway before we get back from the garbage can. Physical: Top two molars have now come through and the top left canine tooth. Sleeping: Morning nap is now just a time to have him contained while I take a shower. He is often quiet, but if I look at the camera he is moving around during that “nap.” He may not sleep because more than half the time he has pooped when we go get him. Afternoon nap is an hour many days with bedtime at 7. Mornings are starting around 6am. The benefit is that we are all up in plenty of time to wave goodbye to Daddy from the front porch as he heads to the bus stop. Firsts: Standing independently, walking, water slide, open door handles, final nursing

Nap time

This is what nap time looks like these days. I told Cooper if he didn’t take a nap he could come pull weeds with me and he jumped at the “opportunity.” Ever since he moved to the big boy bed we have had about 20% success with naps. We are working hard to try for an hour of quiet time with an ultimate goal* of 2 hours. *A month later, quiet time is still 1 hour at best. If he comes out he gets a lock on the door and if he is loud and wakes Nicholas he doesn’t get to watch Daniel Tiger before bed. We are obviously in need of a new strategy to reach our 2 hour goal and have it be a more positive experience for him so any ideas are greatly appreciated! Nicholas continues to be a consistent short napper. In the afternoon, at the one hour point he will wake up and start crying really hard. About 40% of the time he goes back to sleep after 10 minutes of crying. The rest of the time we go get him after 20 minutes when it is apparent he is not going back to sleep. On this day in particular he opted to toss out his crib buddies and take off and toss his pants (a first).


Two weeks ago, this morning Daddy got up with Nicholas to start a cold turkey weaning attempt, which meantgoing from a morning and night feeding to none. We didn’t talk about it before, so none of us knew in advance that Friday night would be the last feeding, for better or worse. I left Saturday evening to be out of the house for Daddy to do bedtime without the reminder to nurse, and Nicholas was only slightly off by the change in the routine. In the morning, we now go right down to breakfast to start the day. In the evening we read more books in the rocker before his goodnight book. One of his favorites is the picture book he is holding above. I did have one miscalculation when I stopped nursing. A week later, I found myself in a tent, in the woods, with extremely full and painful breasts. Without a pump the only solution was to nurse Nicholas again. I tried a short nursing and Nicholas insisted on a full nursing, which I completely understood. This tent nursing was ultimately my final nursing, and my body and Nicholas both agreed, too. Apparently Rob and Cooper missed seeing the nursing chair in use and decided to take matters into their own hands.