This week’s family PEPS hike had nearly full attendance with Grandma and Grandpa joining us as a bonus. It has been so much fun to adventure out into nature with so many kiddos and see it from their perspective. We are not the quietest bunch hiking, but we have the most fun. Nicholas loves to swing.

First Haircut

I was a bit nervous to see how Nicholas would take to his first haircut and tackling dual boy haircuts by myself. He was an angel, just sitting there so still and taking it all in while Diane cut his hair. He even wore the cap and didn’t need any of the bribing treats I brought along. Cooper helped keep his attention by being silly when she needed him to look a certain way. Cooper’s turn was next and he wore the cape and sat in the chair all by himself. He did remember that he was offered candy from Diane last time and was quick to check in to make sure that was going to be offered again after a successful haircut. Our boys sharing the barber chair showing off their fresh new cuts. Do you think they might be brothers? 🙂

Special Day with Doris

We adventured out to meet a very dear friend of my Grandma’s, Doris Rummel, today. She turns 90 this fall and is exactly how I remember her from 20+ years ago. I have very special memories of camping with her and my grandparents’ camping group and was excited to introduce her to our boys. I brought the baby blanket she made for my mom when I was born making this picture even more special. It sure did make me miss my grandparents, but I am so thankful I got to spend some time reminiscing and catching up with Doris.