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January, 2015:


Cool dude at the park

We love family time on the weekends. With the sunshine out we opted to check out two Kirkland parks today. Cooper’s slide hair reminds us that it might just be time for another haircut soon.

Slide Hair

Nicholas was so tired from the double park morning he actually fell asleep sitting up. Rob had asked if I saw him on the camera and I had, but didn’t realize he wasn’t moving because he was asleep. Daddy was paying more attention and went in to help him lay down for some more restful sleep. This is the first time either boy has ever fallen asleep sitting up in bed.

Yes, he is asleep

The sunshine was still out after nap and Nicholas wanted to celebrate. We love stripes in our family!  

Shopping Helper

Nicholas is all about helping and these days nothing is out of his reach.


We love seeing these brothers having so much fun together. Now that Nicholas is crawling they are starting to have even more playing adventures together. Crawling out of Cooper’s room in the morning to go check out the fire truck. I love taking crib pictures to show the side by side size of the boys growing together. Hopefully they will love looking back on them as much as I already do.