Woodinville Concert

Cooper was in heaven riding this motorized ATV at a friend’s house. He rode it for nearly the entire two hours we were there until the battery ran out. We had it on our summer list to go see a concert in Woodinville and tonight was the night. We got there early enough to find parking easily, enjoyed a delicious dinner (Cooper ate an entire pulled pork sandwich), danced and had some yummy wine and beer.

A dancing Cooper
That evening Cooper pooped on the potty for the second time. Cooper loves to say “BIG poop” when this happens. We followed it with a call to Auntie Kari who kindly sang him the “poop on the potty song.” I promised her when it becomes a regular experience for him we won’t keep calling her to sing 😉 He does say “Auntie is so proud, I am a big boy” each time he uses the potty so something she does is working.