Luv You Daddy

Today melted our hearts. He said “Luv you Daddy” unprompted when Rob was getting ready to leave for work. This was the first time he has said I love you to either of us. Cooper loves to talk and will tell you exactly what he is going to do. Water table time has now turned into, how quickly can I fill a boat and pour water on my head time. Our little man loves to eat, here is an example of tonight’s dinner: 8 raviolis, 1/2 cup tofu, 1/4 cup mushrooms, pesto, 20 grapes, 1/4 cup edamame and 40 blueberries. Yes, we now cook 3 portions instead of just 2 for each meal.

Woodinville Concert

Cooper was in heaven riding this motorized ATV at a friend’s house. He rode it for nearly the entire two hours we were there until the battery ran out. We had it on our summer list to go see a concert in Woodinville and tonight was the night. We got there early enough to find parking easily, enjoyed a delicious dinner (Cooper ate an entire pulled pork sandwich), danced and had some yummy wine and beer.

A dancing Cooper
That evening Cooper pooped on the potty for the second time. Cooper loves to say “BIG poop” when this happens. We followed it with a call to Auntie Kari who kindly sang him the “poop on the potty song.” I promised her when it becomes a regular experience for him we won’t keep calling her to sing 😉 He does say “Auntie is so proud, I am a big boy” each time he uses the potty so something she does is working.

Mondays and Crafts

Cooper and Nene have a special garbage truck bond. We Skype with Nene every Monday and it seems to be the precise time the garbage man comes by. This week Cooper had the special treat to get to watch the garbage trucks with Nene in person. Cooper then had some crafting time with Nene where they made these adorable octopuses. His favorite part was when she cut the straws into small pieces with the scissors which made the pieces “hop”. Thanks for the fun visit, Nene!