My Name Is Today is an awesome day, it finally happened! Cooper said his own name. Up until today if you asked him what his name is he would simply nod. Today he replied with Pooper when asked the same question. Many of his friends have said Pooper first so we know that a solid sounding Cooper is probably a few more weeks away. Before being distracted Cooper starts to sing you his current favorite song. My favorite part of the song is the booty shake he does when singing the “shake it up” line. Popcorn, popcorn Put it in a pan… Shake it up and shake it up BAM, BAM, BAM!

Attack of the Clippers

You better sleep with one eye open when this guy has nail clippers in his hand. We thought we would try cutting his nails when Nicholas was awake to make the transition smoother when he gets older, but he is just too squirmy. It is getting to be that time of year when everyday you can enjoy the nice weather outside. This was our official first time on the blanket under the shade of the tree in our front yard to start off the season. Yes, in case you were wondering, our big grassy knoll is the little patch between the sidewalk and the street. Nicholas was showing off his kicking skills with his blanket today.  


It has been really neat to see the transition from individual play to playing with friends that happens around 2 years old. Cooper is slowly starting to realize that he can play with his friends at our many play dates instead of just near them. Jack and Cooper are hand holding buddies now when we leave toddler group and walk to our cars.