First Flight for Nicholas

You know you are an airplane family when one of the early on goals is to sort out when your baby’s first flight will be. With Cooper it was at 3 weeks and with Nicholas it happened at just over 4 weeks old. We had our first family adventure of 4 which meant Cooper rode in the front seat with Daddy and I was in the back with Nicholas. Cooper is still a bit unsure about riding in the front seat. We think this is due to a few factors, riding forward (he still faces backward in the car), over stimulation seeing everything flying by, wearing a headset (he was fine with this before) and mainly due to the fact that there was a large 6 month gap since he was last in the airplane. Nicholas did pretty well on the plane with some tears before we took off, but those were not due to the flying. He handled wearing the headset and the take-off, flying and landing elements of flying like a champ. We flew to Port Townsend for some brunch at the Spruce Goose, the same destination we went to for Cooper’s first flight. Nicholas ended the day with some crazy bubbles to celebrate.

Happy 1 Month Birthday!

Nicholas is starting to shed all of the extra baby fuzz from his shoulders, forehead and back, but the furry tops of his ears are still present. His eyes are changing to a blue color and he has lost much of the hair on top of his head. He enjoys eating every 2 hours during the day and gives a slightly longer stretch or two at night. Each feeding takes about an hour including the diaper change and burping. We are starting to figure out his cries and found that they mainly happen before eating,d when needing to burp, during a diaper change and when he wants to go to sleep. He gets tons of head smooches from his big brother.