Our Barista

For Christmas Daddy got a coffee maker from Nene. In just a couple of weeks Cooper has now mastered how to make coffee and loved to spoil Nana and Daddy by making it for them each morning. Let’s just see how long it stays on the counter before Daddy puts it in reach of Cooper so he can really have him do all the work and bring him coffee in bed 🙂

Nana Time

Eating an apple from a big kid chair
Nana came to visit us one more time before baby arrives. We had the best of intentions to use her weekend in town to get so much accomplished, but it turns out we were all sick instead. Nana got lots of Cooper time and gave Mama and Daddy extra rest to help kick their colds. Looks like the baby prep will be pushed out a little longer. One thing we are trying to work on is picking-up/carrying Cooper less in preparation of his brother’s arrival and the fact that he is approaching the 35 pound mark.
Wanting to be picked up to check out the cooking action
It is very hard to resist this face though!

The Little Engine That Could

Cooper loves story time and snuggling with his Daddy. His favorite book is “The Little Engine That Could” because of all the funny voices Daddy uses when he reads it. During the week we call it “Daddy’s book” so Mama doesn’t have to read it before every nap in addition to bedtime when Daddy reads it 🙂