Belated Christmas at Home

Fortunately with the timezone change Cooper helped us start our day nice and early at 4:30am. We were able to have a yummy breakfast, celebrate our family Christmas and have Daddy ready for work all in time for him to still catch the 8am bus. It was really nice to open presents in our matching Christmas pajama pants and enjoy each other’s company in the living room lit up by our Christmas tree.

Cooper checking out his new See ‘n Say from the Robertson family
The current thinking is that by traveling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year we will spend both holidays at home for 2014 when we have two little ones making traveling a little more complicated.

Playground Adventure Including Smiles in a Swing!

Near the end of our trip we thought we would spice it up a bit and head out to a nearby park. We were even so lucky they had a toddler specific park across from the big kid playground. Cooper loved being able to run around and head down the slides on his own. He was initially intimidated by the rickety bridge, but was able to get across it by himself before we left that day. There was a nature walk connected to the toddler park that we enjoyed with Nana. This spot is definitely on our list to visit again the next time we are in Houston. Cooper surprised us all by actually smiling and laughing while in the swing. We may have finally crossed over to enjoying swinging which makes both Mama and Daddy very happy. For lunch we met with Daddy’s Uncle John and Aunt Jan and enjoyed more family time. We left bright and early the next morning and seeing the fog out the window at SeaTac we are so thankful the pilots were able to land and we didn’t end up diverting to another city. All pictures from our Houston adventure are posted here.

Cooper’s Second Christmas

Auntie Catherine, Cooper, Louie, Gracie and Pop-Pop relaxing
Christmas at the Kochman house was perfect. Lots of relaxation and time to enjoy each others company and our new gifts. The favorite gift for Cooper, was the first one he opened, a drill. I don’t think he let go of the handle for at least 3 straight hours.
Cooper and his drill
There was something special about this candy box as Cooper couldn’t drill it enough. Uncle Charlie was actually happy with how a family picture turned out of him with his siblings. Looking through pictures for a new digital picture frame. Cooper still has his drill in hand. What holiday wouldn’t be complete without some Cooper “stink eyes”