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July, 2013:

I Can Open That

Giving Cooper some play time while I unloaded groceries I left him in the living room. On my return trip from the car Cooper greeted me from the front porch. Apparently he can now reach and open doors that open inwards (including the front door). Time to use the deadbolt.

Making Walkers

Trash can walker

Cooper is really into pushing things around and using anything he can as a walker. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQiGS7qWEAI  

Redhook with the Baers


Brian, Dylan, Cooper, Nicole, Kelly and Wyatt

Becoming an annual tradition we met up with the Baers for lunch to catch up at Redhook. We love this family and always miss them even more after a visit!

Cooper didn’t want to stop giving hugs to Dylan