Sitting Up

Today we had a pleasant surprise on the crib camera. Cooper can now move to the sitting up position from lying down. A couple of times I have been tricked in to thinking his limbs are stuck between the crib bars and gone in to lay him down, but now he manages to wiggle his limbs back to the center of the bed.

Early Riser

Good Morning Send Off to Daddy
Cooper has been adjusting his schedule to get up earlier and earlier each morning. We are not sure why, perhaps the earlier sunrise? I loved when we used to get up at 7am. Now we are starting our day closer to 6am, but the one benefit is that Cooper gets to see Daddy in the morning before he heads to work.


Getting ready with my helper

Today I woke up to a secret squirrel note telling me to be ready by 9am. Rob was taking me and Cooper on a surprise adventure and he would take care of all the Cooper details. I was excited and had many questions for Rob 🙂 The dads from our baby group had planned a mani/pedi day for all the moms while they watched the kiddos together. It even included a home made lunch when we returned from our girl time.