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February, 2013:

Edmonds Adventure


We wanted to take a family adventure together and ended up heading north to Edmonds. We had a great time walking along the water, seeing scuba divers, watching the ferries and enjoying lunch at Anthony’s Beach Cafe. At lunch Cooper was hamming it up, enjoying the extra attention of the wait staff and other customers.

Taking a break or trying to pull off his socks


Tooth #4 – Top Outside Left


We have fangs! Or at least Cooper’s two outside top teeth have decided to poke through before the more common center top teeth. He looks adorable as ever and we think the center two teeth are not far behind in poking through. Here we have captured Cooper’s double cowlick, it looks pretty cool with his spiky hairdo.

Double swirl

Daddy Play Time

Walking home from the bus

Most evenings, when the weather cooperates, Cooper and I walk to the bus stop to meet Rob. Cooper gets so excited when he sees his dad. He loves their special play time together.