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February 14th, 2013:

Valentines Day

Cooper had a wonderful first Valentines Day and enjoyed eating the paper heart we made together. Rob and I have a tradition of getting the heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s, but with his diet we had to postpone a year and enjoyed a delicious gluten/dairy free meal at home instead. Yesterday, we attended Cooper’s first Valentines party at the Johnson house, boy can Diane throw a great party!  

IKEA Adventure


Kelly/Cooper, Amanda/Madeleine, Shannon/Hannah, Rachel/Jack and Kristen/Austin

As a PEPS group we conquered IKEA today. I highly recommend IKEA at 11am during the week, it was way less crowded than on the weekend. We were quite the site to see for those who were there 🙂 All of the babies did fantastic and we each found some items we couldn’t live without.