Bath Time Fun

Cooper tub time
With Nene in town we had someone here to capture the fun bathtime routine. We are trying to bathe Cooper more often, and the longest we go is once a week. It is amazing how his hair continues to stay fluffy between baths. We love the smell of a clean Cooper. Rob does the cleaning and I hold him during tub time. Cooper has discovered his reflection in the mirror and loves to smile and play with the baby in the mirror during his baths.

Bumbo Time

We are starting to give Cooper more time sitting up, and the Bumbo is a great way to build his strength. While in this chair he was leaning really far back so I would tickle under his chin, and then he would sit up again. It was very cute to watch.

Tickle Time
Tonight Rob was reading Cooper a book and apparently he was still a little hungry and started sucking on Rob’s shirt hoping he can also produce milk.