New Year’s Eve Kisses

Ben and Cooper
For New Year’s we headed just a few blocks away to our friends the Millers. We celebrated with drinks, pizza and cupcakes all before 9pm which was perfect for us. Cooper had his first New Year’s kiss from Ben, I got one too 🙂 Rob and Brad were trying out their cameras in the low light setting with the very active kids.
Ben, Kelly and Cooper

Snowy Flight

Rob and I took New Year’s Eve off to enjoy a 4 day weekend together as a family. It was chilly out, but the clouds were high so we went for our first family flight since August. Rob flew us on the beautiful loop near Darrington where we were surrounded by mountains covered in snow and had a great view of the river below. Cooper slept the first 20 minutes and was awake the last 20 minutes. We will need to start thinking about how to keep him entertained in the plane on our long trip planned for May.

Chatty Cathy

Cooper loves to sing and talk up a storm. It is so much fun to listen to him. He seems most talkative in the car right before he falls asleep or on the changing table at night. When he isn’t too busy talking, he loves to put his naked toes in his mouth on the changing table. Oh to be that flexible again…

Eating Toes