Winter Walks

Stroller Bundle
Cooper loves his bear hat made by his Nana to keep him warm on these winter days. As soon as the rain stops, if it is still daylight out, we try to get out for some fresh air and a walk as much as possible.

Moving Day

Weekday Morning Routine
Every weekday feels like a moving day. We take 7 bags with us each morning plus one cuddly baby in a carseat. For Cooper: Diaper bag, bottle cooler, and any daycare clothes/diapers/wipes needed For Me: Pump, pumping bottles, milk cooler, lunch and computer bag Thank goodness we are getting a good system down, even if it starts at 4:45am. I pump while Rob gets ready and then Rob makes and packs all of the bottles and pumping stuff while I get ready. Rob then wakes up Cooper, changes his diaper and starts feeding him until he needs to leave to catch his 6:25am bus. Cooper and I are usually out of the house shortly after that or by 7am at the latest.
Morning Feeding with Daddy

Caged Naps

Crib napping Cooper
Cooper successfully takes naps in his crib at daycare, so we are now trying this at home, too. Previously he could sleep for an hour if held, but only 20-30 minutes if he was put down in his crib. We have already been lucky enough to get an hour+ long nap on the weekend, which is fantastic for everyone as Cooper is even happier after getting a good nap. He loves to play with his binky before going to sleep, and he seems to prefer sucking on the side of it most of all.