Dad and Mom Alone Time with Cooper

Thursday I adventured out for my first time away from Cooper with some girl time shopping at the Marysville outlet mall. Rob and Cooper had some boy bonding time which involved lots of relaxing as captured in this photo. I must take responsibility for this ridiculous outfit due to an overnight blowout, instead of letting Rob take the fall for the outfit selection 🙂 The next day Cooper and I headed to Babies R Us for my first solo trip leaving the house with him. We were able to get everything on the list, and he slept very nicely in the Moby wrap during our adventure.

Kelly and Cooper at Babies R Us

Newborn no more

Week 3 has brought some big changes as Cooper continues to be a very good eater. He has moved from Newborn to size 1 diapers. Here are our favorite newborn outfits, as he also starts into the 0-3 month clothes. In addition, Cooper’s umbilical cord fell off confirming his belly button is an inny.

Mom’s Favorite Duck Butt
Dad’s Favorite “Mr. Cuddly”