34 Weeks: Shower time

We had a great week this week! It was so much fun to have the grandmas and aunties in town for the baby shower. It makes me realize how nice it would be to have everyone living close again, but it also helps us to take full advantage when we are together. BK received so many fantastic presents, many of which were handmade. He is surrounded by some very talented family and friends!

Jane (Rob's Mom and knitter extraordinaire), Rob, Me, Kari (My sister and decorator extraordinaire) and Penny (My mom and invitiation/favor extraordinaire)
Nicole (My best friend from college and game extraordinaire) and Me
Shower Time Fun
Two Dorks
Reenacting a belly shot taken with Kari when she was pregnant
As part of the Grandma visit Rob took them flying to Port Townsend for lunch and then over the tulip fields of Skagit Valley. It sounded like they had a fantastic time. This week with family in town and Rob’s encouragement we have pushed to get the final things put together before BKs arrival and I think we are now as ready as we are ever going to be.

33 Weeks: 7 years

This week Rob and I are celebrating our 7 year date-aversary. Yes, I like to celebrate anything and everything that I can. We had a fantastic brunch at the Space Needle and followed it with a nice 3 mile walk around Greenlake in the goregous sunshine.

Space Needle Dinner 2005 (not our first date, but from our first few months together)
Space Needle Observation Deck April 2012

Base of Space Needle April 2012
BK update: During our 33 week appointment the doctor confirmed he is heads down and facing towards my spine, which is the desired position. This also means his head is on my bladder and if it is a Kochman/Ingalls head then we are talking about a small bowling ball for both size and weight 😉 My belly is measuring spot on at 33cm, all of my tests are normal and I am still feeling really good. We move to every 2 week, instead of once a month, appointments now.

32 Weeks: Comparison

Ever wonder what it would look like to compare sisters having 1 vs. 3 babies? Well you are in luck, here is a picture of, my sister, Kari at 32 weeks. This is also the time she was admitted to the hospital and the girls were born at 34 weeks on June 11th, 2009. Our due date is June 12th so we will have to wait and see if everyone ends up sharing the same birthday.  

Kari with triplets at 32 weeks
One of my favorite photos, so I had to include it too: Kari at 30 weeks with triplets
Rob and I completed an adult and infant CPR class this week. It had been 20+ years since we each took a CPR class (Kelly for babysitting and Rob for the arrival of his siblings) so it was a great refresher and interesting how much the philosophy has changed. For those curious: it is 30 quick compressions (think of the tune “Staying Alive” for the rhythm) 1/3 – 1/2 the depth of the person’s chest followed by 2 quick breaths. We also learned how to use a defibrillator and we can honestly say if someone collapsed we would now be comfortable using one. On another random note, we did our first baby yoga video. Boy is my balance off, I never realized until that video just how uncoordinated and front heavy I have become. We will have to wait and see if we try yoga again before BKs arrival.