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Nicholas is 6!

Stats: Height – 46.65″ (73%), Weight 49lbs 12oz (73%), BMI 16.12 (70%) and Blood Pressure 92/60

Routine: Nicholas has turned a corner in staying in his room all night. It might have taken some strong morning donut motivation, but he did it. He still prefers to wake up early, but will typically stay in his room until snuggle time in our bed at 6:30am. He sleeps with his door open and prefers the bright lights of his humidifier and clock.  Each morning we typically walk to school at 8:20 and we walk back home from school around 3:45. He enjoys playing a bit after school at school and then quickly becomes eager to get home. He rarely has a snack after school. Does a little playing, watches tv at 5pm and we have dinner at 5:30 followed by getting ready for bed at 6:30 and close to in bed at 7pm. We now typically divide up bed time and have each boy read to us in their own room before snuggles and then switch to snuggle the other kiddo.

He is still our creative sleeper and this night choose to wear his Halloween costume to bed after we had tucked him in.

Some favorites: TV shows currently are RolyCarPoly, Magic School Bus, Octonauts and Wild Krats. He loves to play with airplanes and helicopters, with anything with wheels following closely behind. He is creating his own airplane masterpieces out of Legos which includes building the accessories such as the tug, passenger jet way, baggage loader and of course we have a near permanent runway made of magnatiles across the length of our play room. His favorite color is red and snack is apples. He absolutely loves seeing his grandparents and cousins and taking the airplane rides to get there.

One of his favorite crafts is painting/coloring wood projects, followed closely by perler beads.

Preferred food these days: Nicholas loves to get an early jump on breakfast which typically consists of strawberry yogurt, cereal, strawberries and orange juice. For lunch he is loving peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut into stripes. It has been a many month process for him to loose his two front teeth, he has still only lost one, but with them so wiggly he has a hard time biting into food. Nicholas’ perfect dinner would be teryaki flank steak, cooked spinach with lemon juice, and Annie’s Mac and Cheese (the purple box which is shells and orange cheese). On the weekends Rob cooks a yummy breakfast with waffles on Saturdays and pancakes on Sundays. Nicholas loves the buttery pancakes (when they are a bit crisp on the outside from being cooked on a pat of butter.)

We had professional family photos taken this fall and she really captured how adorable our little guys is, he is just looking so much older now…

Development: Nicholas is rocking Kindergarten. He has an amazing teacher in her second year, Mrs. Miller, which also happens to mean that he has the same classroom Cooper did since his teacher retired after him. He has been making some really great friends and is generally ear to ear smiles when seeing them and during the day. Nicholas likes me to walk him all the way to the door and we give hand kisses which he puts on his cheeks as our goodbye. Nicholas is doing addition like a champ in school and seems to find it quite easy. He is reading too! He has turned the corner and can sound out nearly any word when reading and writing. It is so much fun to learn how he is learning to read at school. There is the KING of ING and dolphin…

Every student in his class gets a chance to be the Star Student which means also getting to bring home Rosy the Raccoon for the weekend.

Nicholas is SO much fun. His energy is contagious and watching him bounce from one side of the room to the next always brings a smile to our faces. He LOVES his daddy snuggles and doing anything dad or Cooper want to do, but always making sure to add his own flair too. He has the best expressions and the most sparkly eyes.


Cooking class and starting to cook for our family at home.

Taking piano lessons and first recital

First sewing project. A pillowcase and he picked out all his own fabrics.

PreK graduation and last time in part time school 🙁

First time yurt camping. We went with the Amanda, Madeleine and Elliott to the Tolt McDonald campground in Snohomish.

First Slurpee and it was on free slurpee day, 7/11. Nicholas has a new love 🙂

First time to Mount Rainier, including first time camping there, first hikes and first junior ranger badge for the National Parks.

First time playing tennis and he is using my childhood racket with the custom cover my grandma made me.

We all had our first family visit to one of the “Lands.” We opted for Legoland, had a blast and Nicholas keeps talking about how much we need to go back.

First time cutting the bottom of the Christmas tree, a tradition both Rob and I will gladly hand-off to our Nicholas 🙂

First time playing basketball and I was lucky enough to also have a first, with it being my first time being a coach. He worked so hard on getting the strength and form to make a basket and did so a couple of times in the final couple of games. This team was even more special because it was made up of 8 kids from his kindergarten class and a couple others from his school so we all got to know the amazing kids and their families even better.

Nicholas walked his first 5k! It was a night time race so as a family we made it through the pitch black, cold, muddy, and steep course using only our headlights to see the way. He even says he wants to do it again!

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