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Nicholas is 3.5!

To think one year ago we moved into a brand new house and had just potty trained him just 2 weeks earlier. Crazy to report that he was all about potty training and is near accident free at this point. Fun things about Nicholas:

  • He loves to jump around to get from place to place
  • He walks up the stairs leading with his right foot giving him an incredible looking calf on his left leg
  • He is obsessed with savory food, especially meat (flank steak in particular). He will have a sweet dessert and then go right back to the savory food on his plate. His favorite meal is flank steak, broccoli, and cheesie pastie as he likes to call it.
  • He likes to slide down any pole or person he can find pretending they are a fireman pole

Sleep is still a challenge since moving him to his big bed at 3. I can count on one hand the number of times he has slept through the night without waking up. He has runs of waking up every 20 minutes from 1-4 in the morning (5+ times a night). Typically after one of those nights he is more likely to only wake up at 1am or 3am for a potty break which he comes to get us for. A goal is to get the only once a night wake-up to be the routine and then tackle the going potty on your own after that. We are in desperate need of solid sleep in our house. When he wakes up in the morning, usually at 6am when his clock turns green, he is a ball of energy ready for the day to start. Every night before he goes to bed he has to ask me 3 questions. They always start with “how you make, hmmm” and are typically food items, houses/parts of houses, or even more obscure things. He loves that my answers involve lots of hand movements on his back as I act out the answer. I think he really loves the back rubs just like his Daddy. Speech, working on k, g, th and l sounds. He loves his therapist and really tries had to do whatever she asks him. He can count to 26, but skips 13 or 14 and 23 or 24. He knows most of his colors and many letters and is starting to write parts of his name.

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