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Cooper is 5!

Stats: Height 47.01 in (99%), Weight 53lbs (97%), BMI 16.93 (86%), Blood Pressure 98/48
Development: Language, he has always been such a verbal kid and that continues. Some of his favorite ways to say words that we haven’t had the heart to correct are oosually (usually), oat (ate), amimals (animals), stroller strap (handicap, in reference to the parking signs). Cooper is finishing up his first year of Montessori and it has been eye opening just how much he can do on his own and learn about given exposure to so many resources. Giving “lessons” has been a great way for us to show him and then let him practice how to do new things such as mow the lawn. We are leaning towards sending him to Kindergarten at the public school where he will be a Rose Hill Raccoon.
Physical: Cooper is wearing size 6 shirts and pants. He gets himself dressed, shoes and jacket, etc. He has his first loose tooth, bottom left, which we first noticed loose back in March, but it is only slowly getting looser at this point.
Eating: Cooper continues to grow and eat a ton of food. In April he grew 1 inch and the way he is eating now he is headed for another growth spurt. For breakfast each morning they are really loving frozen yogurt (a yogurt cup that was defrosted in the fridge overnight), glass of milk, 2 cups of berries and 2 prunes. If they have recently attended a party they get to have one piece of candy a day and that usually is eaten at breakfast too. Cooper is a saver and will have a sweet treat last for weeks.
Sleeping: Cooper is still a solid sleeper. At night we start bedtime around 6:30 with a bath with Nicholas. Next is jammie time and then brush teeth before reading two books each together as a family. Rob and I each take turns saying good night to each kid. Cooper wants to tell us 4 questions which are more often than not statements he wants to share. They run from I love snuggles, I love a tv show/legos, to how do volcanoes work. He typically doesn’t call us back in or come out at night until his clock turns green at 6am.
Firsts: Mowing the lawn, loose tooth (bottom left), riding a big kid bike,
playing on a soccer team,

moving houses,

Montessori preschool,

Apple picking

picking his own costume idea…porcupine

writing his own name on a Christmas tag

first family drawing

first Mom/Cooper trip to see Nicole in Colorado


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