2013 Cross-Country Trip Day 15: Heber City to Seattle

We’re headed home! The trip has been great, but after a couple weeks, I think we’re all ready to be back at home. We had about an hour to head north before reaching the familiar central valley of Idaho. We headed north, staying east of the mountains to stay out of the Salt Lake Class B airspace. We’d intended to do a fuel stop at Nampa, Idaho (outside Boise), which we like, but Cooper was still sleeping as we approached, so we decided to keep going to Baker City.

Baker City airport is beautiful

Baker City was very nice, including full-serve fuel for the price of self-serve. We relaxed for a little bit, but our eagerness to get home meant we were ready to jump back in the airplane. The rest of the trip was very familiar from our trips to and from Jackson Hole. No clouds, until we approached Seattle (go figure!). The ceiling was high, so after a few minutes in the clouds and a visual approach, we were finally home. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr4xra3wuY0

Mission accomplished!
The log
Day 15 Route
Day 15 Route

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