Starting the hangar move

The sublease on our hangar has ended, so it’s all ours now! With my family coming to visit, we needed to free up some space in one of the spare bedrooms, which made it a great time to move some stuff to the airport. We just moved a few things: flaps, ailerons, horizontal stabilizer, and the wheel fairings. The parts look really small in this big hangar. We thought this was funny. Apparently my parents like their phones. Kelly took this picture as we were leaving. Our hangar is at Paine Field, where Boeing assembles all its widebody airliners (747s, 767s, 777s, and now 787s), and while awaiting FAA approval for the 787, they’re starting to run out of room to park all the airplanes. Here are a bunch, including the huge “Dream Lifter”, which carries 787 parts.