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Febrile Seizure

One of my scariest experiences as a parent.  Nicholas wasn’t feeling well and was completely inconsolable.  I tried everything, but ultimately I put him in the Ergo and he was finally able to calm a little bit to try and get him to rest.  Just a few minutes after having him in the Ergo and sitting down he began to have a seizure.  It was my first time ever seeing someone have a seizure and to have it be my son was terrifying.  It resulted in my first phone call ever to 911 and having the paramedics come to our house.  The 911 operator told me to strip off his clothes and put him on a cold surface like the bathroom floor.  He had stopped seizing by the time the medics arrived just a few minutes later.

Randomly at toddler group, just two weeks before, two of his friends had just had their first febrile seizures.  Thank goodness those parents were talking about it as I was able to, with some confidence, figure out that is what was probably happening to Nicholas and stay pretty calm.  It was very odd that we all have older children the same age and this happened to 3 of us with our youngest children within weeks of each other and none of us had ever had it happen before.  The other kids did not come out of their seizures as quickly and had to be transported to the hospital so we were very lucky.

What I have learned.  Nicholas had a fever and being in warm clothes held tightly against me he got too hot.  I need to give Tylenol sooner and if he is held take off more layers of clothes.  Cooper continued to watch Daniel Tiger through the entire episode other than a small break to go let the paramedics in.  He seemed to not even notice the paramedics looking at his brother on the floor in the same room.  Later he asked if I was crying because I was scared, so he really is aware of everything going on even if his actions didn’t show it.  We have never been a family to give medications to our kids, Nicholas now gets Tylenol once his fever hits 100, no matter what.  We also learned that calling 911 can have paramedics at our house in less than 5 minutes, which is absolutely incredible and makes me very thankful for where we live.

Mother’s Day Run


It was a day of races this Mother’s Day.  I completed my first 5k, our friend Amanda ran a half marathon and the kids all ran their first kids race too.

I did it!  I completed the couch to 5k running program and finished my first race ever.  The Mother’s Day 5k in Kirkland.  It was such a great experience to stay committed to running every other day for 8 weeks (missed one day due to food poisoning) and much of it was done pushing the double stroller through my neighborhood streets.  The boys loved getting cars to wave back at them during our jogs and I loved the challenge of keeping them both entertained enough to be okay to be in a stroller 30 minutes every other day.  It definitely help keep my mind off the running part.

Cooper finishing up his first kids race with his friend Madeleine



Nicholas finishing up his first kids race

A happy, proud, wet and cold family at the end of the event.

While training for the 5k I decided to try out the 21 day Beachbody challenge too.  I typically did the workouts during nap time, but if the boys were up they loved to join in.

Brothers in April


I have found them many times reading one of their favorite “Things that Go,” by Richard Scarry books together.

It is time to move Nicholas to the balance bike and get Cooper a 2 wheeler with peddles.  He had selected this My Little Pony bike as his next ride.  We were not opposed to the theme, but he is just a tad too big for it already 😉

Morning snuggles in Cooper’s bed are the best.

The moment these two get out of the car they love chasing each other along the curb line in front of our house.  The giggles that happen are amazing.

Snohomish Train

Today the boys and I went on their first train ride.  The event started with a scavenger hunt around the train station to learn more about trains and then ended with the ride.  We rode the train a short 15 minutes out to Snoqualmie falls and back.  It was beautiful and the boys can’t stop talking about it.  Nicholas was not a fan of the loud whistle, but he was so in love with the idea of going on a train he was able to still get on.

Toddler group friends ended up being at the event too making it even more fun!

Crib Jump and Milk Cup

Today Daddy returned from a week in England. From the time he sent a text that he landed, but before he even got to the car I heard big crys in Nicholas’ room.  As I raced up stairs I was greeted by a very upset Nicholas who had just fallen out of his crib.  This was also the day we moved Cooper to a real glass and moved Nicholas to an open cup for milk and water instead of just water.  Big changes in our house.  I am just ready for a crib free Nicholas.

Tiptoeing in the Tulips

It had been 2 years since we visited the tulips with our PEPS friends and I was eager to take both boys up to see them again.  We were very fortunate that Grandma and Grandpa’s schedule was also free this Sunday and we were able to make the field visit together.

Nicholas has the best facial expressions.  Ask him to smell the flower and you get this gem 🙂

Family fun time

Just a bit breezy

The highlight in the kids’ eyes of the trip was the tractor ride around the field.  We waited a long time in line and they were so happy we did.

Kicking Off April With Some Fun

One of Nicholas’ first trips in the front seat during our family flight to dinner at Tacoma Narrows.

Cooper has been asking to ride in the backseat with Mama.  Who knows perhaps in another year or two I can get my front seat status back after a 5+ year “assignment” to the backseat with kids.

Checking out the new 520 bridge before it was opened for cars.  Making a family gate in honor of Nicholas’ love of gates 🙂

Dinner with friends, a successful first “kids table” meal.

The kids love to play the “chomp game” after dinner.  We are assigned seats on the couches where they run by trying not to get too close to our arms where they will get “caught” and kissed.

80 degree day in April, let the summer fun of beaches and digging begin!

Every couple of weeks Cooper will fall asleep during his 1 hour and 5 minutes of “rest time” and it is about the sweetest thing you will see to watch this beautiful boy sleep.

Our friends Gulnara and Dimitri Kieffer who are in the process of traveling the world by human power stopped by while they were in town for a wonderful visit.

Rob and I attended opening day in our seats and even had a visit by the moose before the game.

March Brother Activities

They love to be the cord managers when the lawn is being mowed and they are really good at it.

They found one of our phones and figured out how to take a “selfie”

These bath time buddies are getting so big in their hooded towels

When the car wash line was too long they were both more than happy to help out with washing it at home.

Both boys still love the stroller.  Nicholas insists on getting it out to walk to the mailbox just so he can hold on to the side.  Cooper more often than not insists on getting in it to get pushed to the mailboxes, but sometimes he will do the pushing too.

Finally, my picture of shame.  In almost 4 years this had not happened, but this month I washed a diaper in the washing machine 🙁  It was amazing how the gel balls could get everywhere, both inside and out of every single piece of the kid laundry that was in there.  Hours of scrapping clothes and the washer and finding these gel balls everywhere, a lesson was definitely learned.

Easter Bunny Ears

Perhaps those years of “creative” pictures dressing up the kids in silly ways is starting to rub off.  Nicholas was pretty excited to be a diapered bunny.

I caught Cooper on the camera during his rest time trying on some bunny ears too.  They must have secretly liked it when we did it in the past 🙂

Nicholas was into the egg hunt this year.

Cooper stepped it up a notch using a magnifying glass to ensure every spot was investigated during his egg hunt.

First Peep was a hit, thanks Nana and Pop-pop.

Nana and Pop-Pop Visit

Nana and Pop-pop came to visit and Nicholas got to show them around his toddler group.  They also coordinated nicely in their green shirts for St. Patrick’s Day.

It was an extra special day because it was teddy bear picnic day at school for snack time.

Nicholas loved getting a shoe assist from Pop-pop

They were able to enjoy some time with Daddy during a flight to Friday Harbor and at a beer festival.

Nana showed the boys a real cool science experiment where changing the water color changed the carnation color.