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Cooper is 6!

Stats: Height 50.24 in (99%), Weight 58.5lbs (94%), BMI 16.36 (75%), Blood Pressure 96/60
Development: Cooper is entering the early stages of reading on his own.  It is incredible to listen to him as he deciphers the trickier words and breezes right through the known words.  He has been doing a lot of writing at school too in a variety of journals.  He has really thrived in Kindergarten this year and made/met some really good friends.  Cooper has been dribbling a basketball at school most of the three recesses each day.  For his birthday he got a basketball for home and it is incredible to see how well he can manage the ball given he hasn’t ever had one at home.  He also played t-ball this year and is hooked on baseball.  He loves playing everyday after school in our backyard and tends to have a shorter distance when he is running for the home run as I scamper to get the ball and get back to him to tag him out.  He giggles uncontrollably and can’t get enough of the game.  I have LOVED having an hour of solo Cooper time 4 days a week while Nicholas is in preschool.  We typically play dreambox (his math computer game), snuggle, or play outside.

Physical:  Cooper wears size 7 clothes, size 13 shoes and small adult sized hats. He has lost the top and bottom two middle teeth.  His top left tooth that came out at 2.5 yrs old was giving him some pain as the new huge one was pushing through.  We are guessing it must have felt similar to teething as a baby and a not typical experience given the gums were so hard from a tooth not being there for so many years.  Cooper is the tallest kid in his class.
Routine: Cooper loves to get up early.  6:20am is the goal and he typically makes it that late only a day or two a week.  He is so snuggly in the morning that we are soaking it all in as long as it lasts.  We head down for breakfast at 7 where he eats a ton of fruit, has a glass of milk, yogurt and typically a toasted piece or raisin bread or cereal.  We have walked to school at 8:05 nearly everyday this year.  When we get to school I kiss each hand and he holds them to his cheeks while I say I love you and have a great day.  In the nicer weather we have walked with our neighbors Sydney and Vivian too.  Nicholas and I then walk back.  He prefers to have his lunch packed so he can have more social time vs. buying lunch and spending time in line. We walk home nearly every day too and enjoy stopping at a close by park when we get other kids to walk back with us.  He has some playing and relaxing time until 5pm when we turn on the tv for 30 minutes before dinner.  During the week it is educational tv and on the weekend they get to pick.  Cooper’s pick during the week has been Busytown and the weekends are Car Patrol.  Dinner would be his favorite if there was pasta every day.  They take turns setting the table or getting vitamins depending on “who’s day it is” with Cooper getting odd days and Nicholas even (aligned to their birthdays being on odd and even dates).  Bed time is closer to 7:30 and after getting dressed, brushing teeth, and reading two books each he is now spending time in bed reading or working on his number slide puzzle under his night light which were all birthday presents.
Cooper is the best sleeper and the different positions we find him in when I give him a final tuck-in and kiss each night amaze me:

Lost his first tooth on 8/2 and pulled it out himself!

Also wrote his first tooth fairy note.  He really wanted to keep his tooth.

First movie in a theater, “The Secret Life of Pets” at Lincoln Town Square in Bellevue.

First trip to the east coast and subway train ride

First activity at an elementary school, a puzzle during the kindergarten meet and greet

First day of Kindergarten with Mrs. Swanson

First elementary school picture

First dance class, hip hop

First math challenge for school

First “real” bed

First purchased Halloween costume

First music lesson, ukulele through an after school program

First time riding in first class (only mom’s second time).  Thanks dad for letting us get the upgrade to Kauai!

First wrapping paper card for Nicholas on his birthday

First hockey game to see the Seattle Thunderbirds with the Williamson family

First time in a commercial airplane cockpit

First time on TV with Daddy at the Mariners game during a segment where they talked about fathers and sons going to the game

First time meeting a celebrity.  Being coached by the Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson at t-ball

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