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Nicholas is 4!

Stats:40.94″ tall (65%) and 41lbs 13oz (89%)
Routine:  Nicholas loves to wake up early and typically wakes up in a good mood.  His clock turns green at 6:20am and good days are when he is still in bed at that time.  He goes to a morning preschool with Mrs. Gardner at St. Johns Tues/Thurs 9-11 and in the afternoons with Ms. Shahina and Jessica M, Tues, Thurs, Fri 1:30-4.  He gets to take the bus to the afternoon preschool.  When asked if he took a bus today, he always replies with “two”.

He loves school and always comes home with a huge smile and gives the best welcome back koala bear hugs.  From his morning preschool he rushes out of the room and jumps into my arms just like he did last year when I picked him up from afternoon school.  It still happens for afternoon school too on the days he doesn’t take the bus home.
Meals: Loves his morning yogurt and all snacks any time.  He prefers savory to sweet and often eats just a couple of bites at dinner.  His favorite meal is definitely breakfast with lunch a close second.  Lunch highlights include PB&J with grapes and a cracker of some kind.  His snacks for school are fancy and whatever can fit in one little tupperware: salami, dried blueberries/craisins, cheese and some grapes.
This morning he helped himself to 3 yogurts while I continued to get ready upstairs

Development: Loves to help! Wears size 4T clothes, size 10 shoes   Still working on staying in bed all night long, but getting better from 4 times a night to once only a couple times a week.

Currently testing out an everyone is “mean” phase or “I hate” everyone phase. For speech Nicholas is working on his c/k and g sounds. He is doing more and more self correcting.
Best giggle ever and has a smile that will melt your heart.  Adorable kissy lips too.

His favorite toys are trains and helicopters. Loves airplanes, firetrucks and being outside.  He can often be found riding his firetruck in the cold garage by himself when you can’t find him in the house.  He likes to slide down everything like it is a fire pole.  He wants to be a fireman when he grows up and his favorite show is Fireman Sam. He also loves to mount fire hydrants and bounces on them like they are a horse or gives them a tight squeeze.

He loves to stay and watch any construction and construction vehicles on our walks to school

He loves to stand on one leg.

Nicholas enjoys picking up rocks, pinecones, branches and dragging them 1/2 mile plus on school walking adventures often along with his backpack (to be like big brother).  By the end of the school year Cooper convinced him it was cool to wear his backpack to school for him.

Favorite book long term is Curious George, but we are currently pairing that with a Where’s Waldo phase.  The highlight of this phase is for the first few months Nicholas called Waldo, Eduardo, “I found Eduardo”.

He is convinced mama kisses give him freckles.  He wipes them off, but loves to point out when he finds a freckle and waits for my “oh man” response.
big boy bed,
Loves chasing birds
Big into giving a thumbs up or even double thumbs up when asked if he likes something

Quick learner as we have had to use a “lock” to help him learn to stay in his room at rest time so he put it on my room and the closest door to show us he knew how it works

Ate an entire Costco hot dog while I unloaded the groceries

First sports team, soccer

Last toddler group and moving on to preschool

First dental x-ray

First bike camp and learned to sit on a balance bike and then moved to a pedal bike with training wheels

First camping trip not sleeping in a pack-n-play

First trip to the east coast and riding a subway train (he is now obsessed with subway trains!)

First preschool experience at Ben Rush and St. Johns
First eye exam
First time sitting in the dental chair by himself

First solo water slide (in Kauai with Nene)

First hockey game, Seattle Thunderbirds with the Williamsons

First movie in a theater, “The Secret Life of Pets” at Lincoln Town Square in Bellevue.

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