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Quick Update

It’s been a really wet spring, so haven’t done as much flying as I’d like (have I complained about that before?).  The weather is starting to get better, though.  Sunset is after 8 p.m. now, so plenty of time to fly after work these days.  I’m up to about 14 hours now.

The other day, an V-22 Osprey did a touch-and-go at Paine while I was waiting to take off.

My sister, Catherine, and her boyfriend, Colin, were in town last weekend, so we had to check out the plane.  They look happy here, but Catherine said she’d need a bunch Xanax to be able to fly in it.

One Comment

  1. Nathan McGrew says:

    I was at Paine Field today (5/17/11) enjoying the sun and taking pictures from the windsock. I grabbed quite a few of you and your RV-10. Let me know if you’d like to see them.