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More Fixes and More Bad Weather

It’s been almost two weeks since the last flight.  The last one was a good one, though, flying over Arlington for a while, then heading up to Skagit and back.  I’m slowly getting more comfortable venturing away from the home base and flying outside gliding distance of an airport.

No flying since then, though, mostly due to weather.  I’m working on fitting the gear fairings–the wheel pants are done, so next flight will be with those, but I still need to do the upper intersection ones, so no leg fairings for now.

I was also able to fix the electric fuel pump, by replacing an o-ring that was sticking.  Now the pressure doesn’t shoot up to ~80 PSI every time I turn it on.

Lastly, I’m still getting erratic RPM readings above about 2650.  I’ve increased the resistance in the line between the p-lead and the Dynon from 76 to about 100 Kohm, so hopefully that’ll fix it.



  1. Jane Kochman says:

    Just what exactly are \wheel pants\??

  2. Rob says:

    Also known as fairings. They’re the little teardrop-shaped covers for the wheels. http://kochman.net/N819K/?p=416