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First Flight!

After three years, six months, and one week, our RV-10 finally had its first flight on Saturday!  Rob took off from runway 34L at Paine Field, climbed to 3000 feet, circled the airport for 15 minutes, then landed uneventfully.  Despite some nerves, the flight was a success.  Only 39.75 more hours to go until the test period is complete and Kelly can ride, too!

Our RV-10 is powered by an Aero Sport Power IO-540-D4A5 (260 hp), Silver Hawk EX FI system, with a slick mag on bottom and Light Speed Plasma III on top.  The instrument panel has a Dynon D100 EFIS, Dynon D120 EMS, Garmin GNS 430 GPS, and panel-mounted Garmin GPSMAP 696.  Interior by Flightline Interiors.  Our tail number is 819K: 8/19 is our wedding anniversary, and K is for “Kelly” (according to her).

Short video of today’s flight:

-Rob and Kelly

P.S. (from Rob) The airplane was definitely my passion, but there’s no way I could have done it without Kelly.  She put up with more than I could ever ask for and kept me sane during the low points of the building, but she also took it a step further.  These pictures really show it was a team effort. http://kochman.net/KellyAirplane/


  1. Brent Humphreys says:

    Congratulations, I have been following you guys for a while. My -10 is still in progress, but you are an inspiration.

    Please keep updating this blog as you fly off and start using your plane.

  2. Nate & Summer Lewis says:

    Congratulations! Thanks again for letting us visit your build last year – y’all got that second 90% done quick!