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Stick and Stick Grip

We’d planned on using the Tosten grips, but ended up with the Infinity grips, mostly because the Tosten grips are tilted so far forward, even with bending the control stick a pretty good amount.  The Infinity grips feel nicer, too, so it’s a good change.  We needed to set the angle of the grip, so that it matches the natural angle of the arm/wrist/hand, so here I am trying to figure out what that angle is.  Kelly thought it was funny.

We bent the stick significantly, to try to accommodate the Tosten grips, so even with full forward elevator, we still have two “fingers” of space between the top of the grip and the panel.

This means that with the stick fully aft, it’s really low and in the crotch.  Where I’ll have the seat positioned, it won’t be a problem, but if there are any “round” pilots down the road, we may have to do something.  Worst case, we can buy a new stick and do it again.  That said, if the goal is for the stick not to hit anything at all, we just barely made it with the alternate air knob pictured below.  Some people say the stick needs to be able to be moved in any position without hitting anything, and others say it doesn’t matter because you’ll never have the stick that far forward.  Some inspectors care, some don’t.  Anyway, we’re going with what we have for now.

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