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Update — finishing the wings

It’s been a while since the last post. Since then, we’ve closed the right wing. Dynon finally released their autopilot servos, so we installed a roll servo, pictured below.

Also note the Dynon OAT sensor in the upper-right of the above picture. All the wiring in the wings is done, too. The right wing has a D-sub and Mate-n-lock connector, for the small and large gauge wires, respectively.

We also got the ailerons and flaps mounted–makes the wings look much bigger.

I’ve begun fitting the fiberglass wingtips (the left one, anyway). The large hole cut out is for the landing light, and the smaller holes are for the nav/strobe combo. I also trimmed the excess from the inboard edges, so they’re ready to match drill to the wing skins. I’m going to wait until after the fiberglass class next weekend before doing any more fiberglass work, in case we get some tips that’ll make it easier.

Left landing light fixture is mounted and ready to be attached to the wingtip. The light is a 50W HID, so there will be plenty of light.

Lastly, I built the aileron trim mechanism. It’s a spring bias system–the arm in the picture below moves and is attached to two springs, which change the force on the aileron pushrod.

We’re going to the RV-10 fiberglass class next weekend. Should be extremely enlightening.

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