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More work on the fairings

Long delay since the last post–sorry about that.  We went down to Arizona on vacation, then had family in town, so work has been slower than normal.  We’ve continued to work on the fairings.  The main wheel and leg fairings are done, and we’re close to being finished on the intersection fairings between the two.   The nose wheel fairing is done, too, but we’re still working on the nose leg fairing.  Here I am working on the nose fairing.

Here I am aligning one of the main gear leg fairings.  The strings represent “level”, and they’re wrapped around the leg, so we just needed to make sure the trailing edge was between the strings.

Here’s a quick look at one of the intersection fairings.

One of the last things we did is mark a distance of 5/8″ from the tires for trimming the fairing opening.  When there’s weight on the tires, they’ll spread out, and you don’t want the sides contacting the fairings, so at least 5/8″ clearance is needed.

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