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Finishing the Windscreen Fairing

See the post here for our entry on starting the windscreen fairing.  Kelly and I epoxied all those layers of fiberglass cloth in one session.  When we were done, I realized we didn’t do a sufficient job getting all the air bubbles out from between layers.  If this was a structural piece, I’d be a little concerned (though it’d still probably be okay), but for this purpose it’s fine.  I then put on a thick (too thick) mixture of exoxy and microballoon “filler” as the layers of fiberglass tape didn’t leave a smooth curve.  I probably used too much, and much of it sagged, which necessitated a crapload of sanding.  Fortunately Kelly was up to the task!  Seriously, though, she did most of the work on this, and it wasn’t that much fun.  After getting a good shape, we applied a layer of pure epoxy to the top, then did a final sanding to finish.  The fairing is sanded down to almost nothing against the aluminum and plexiglass, so it should look great after it’s painted.

Here’s Kelly posing with her handiwork.

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