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Painting the Interior

Most of the interior is covered by our interior kit (side panels, carpet, etc); however, there are a few areas that won’t be, especially around where the pink cabin top sits on the aluminum fuselage.  Having finished the fitting of those pieces, it was time to paint.  Here I am masking off the interior, most of which had already been painted, so I didn’t want to get any more primer or paint on it.

I was especially careful to protect the instrument panel.  You can also see the white areas around the door frame, where we filled in the gap between the pink fiberglass and aluminum.

Here it is after paint.  You can’t really see it in the picture, but the results weren’t that great.  There are still some uneven areas, but I think once we have the interior installed and everything else completed, there will be a lot of other stuff to distract people.

Glad it’s done!

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