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Ordered the engine!

Just ordered the engine from Aero Sport Power in B.C.  They’re pricey, but have a great reputation for doing fantastic work and standing behind it.  Most importantly, they offer a full 3-year warranty that starts on first engine start, which is way more than Lycoming offers.  Also, I’ve heard that Lycoming ships with two mags, and if you want to replace a mag with an electronic ignition (what we want) it voids the warranty.


Aero Sport Power Ltd. New IO-540-D4A5 Engine with Lycoming Roller Tappet Technology Includes New:

Lycoming Cylinders, One Slick Magnetos and Harness with Light Speed Plasma III, Spark Plugs, New Light Weight Sky-Tec Inline Starter, Precision Silver Hawk Fuel Injection, Fuel Pump, Camshaft with Roller Tappets, Oil Sump, Crankshaft, Crankcase, Ring Gear, Spin on Oil Filter Adapter, Vacuum Pump Adapter Housing, Inner Cylinder Baffles, Dipstick and Tube. Standard engine colors; gold, red, blue, black, yellow or gray.

Now we need to pick a color.

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