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A Big Step Back on the “House Rules,” but a Small Win on the Color Scheme

For those keeping score: the house rule when we started building the airplane was that airplane parts would only be in the garage.  Today this rule was broken in a big way.  Please see the picture below for what you see as you walk into our home…. yes those are 13ft long airplane wings!!!

On the bright side we went to the Glasair airplane facility last weekend for a tour with Rob’s EAA group.  They had an airplane painted in the exact color scheme I have suggested for years, dark blue on top and light on the bottom.  I grinned from ear to ear when we walked into the hangar to see this fantastic paint job (Rob isn’t a fan and still needs more convincing) 🙂  The tour of the Glasair plant was very interesting and they even have a program where you can pay almost $200k and in two weeks go from kit parts to taxiing your newly built airplane.  Craziness!

It is now time to attach the tailcone to the fuselage and work like crazy to hopefully gain my front room back in time for Rob’s 30th bday/Christmas.  This would be only 8 months and Rob is predicting we still have 1.5 years to go.  Please send us good airplane assembly vibes, we are going to need it!

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