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Annual (and more, unfortunately)

Annual is done!  And for the second year in a row, it was much more than just the annual (last year was remove/repair/reinstall right fuel tank).  Extra things I had to do this year: 1) return the strobe driver box for repair since the rear strobe wasn’t working 2) send ELT for repair for a ridiculous $400, 3) replace a fuel line that I may have slightly twisted while removing the fuel filter for inspection, but replacement was probably unnecessary, 4) repair leak at the brake reservoir due to ridiculous Van’s plastic fitting, 5) replace two leaky fittings at the brake pedals and re-bleed.  There were also a few minor inconveniences like painted-on screws on some of the inspection panels that slowed me down a little.

Next year, I swear it will be easier and faster.

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