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Short Flights

Flying to Breakfast at Pierce County

Kelly and I flew to Pierce County Airport to meet some of the EAA guys for breakfast.  We met up with Jim Piavis (RV-7) on the way, and he took some great pictures.

Photo by Jim Piavis

Photo by Jim Piavis

Jim’s pictures are here.  Our pictures are here.

More Video

Got a ContourHD 1080p camera and mounted it to the outboard end of the fuel tank.  Here’s a video of the 12-minute flight between JeffCo and Paine Field after lunch.


Duct taped (literally) a small $17 camera to the left wheel of the airplane and went flying. Here’s the view from 6″ off the ground on takeoff.

The camera model is commonly called the “MD80”

Sunset Flight

Nothing quite like a quick flight after work.  Kelly and I went up and caught a fall sunset over Seattle.

Kelly’s First Flight

With the 40 hours flown off, it was time for Kelly’s first flight.  We both took Friday off from work, and the weather was beautiful (warmest day of the year so far and not a cloud in the sky).  We went to Jefferson County airport in Port Townsend for breakfast at the well-known and excellent Spruce Goose Cafe.  We then went to Arlington to have our propeller dynamically balanced (reducing vibration which reduces fatigue on both the airplane and its occupants).  After that, we headed back to Paine to conclude a great first flight day.

More pictures here.