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Short Flights

A Real Headset for Cooper

Cooper has graduated to the real headset (my first headset, from 17 years ago). Super cute hearing him “talk” over the intercom today.


We had nice, partly cloudy skies today, for the first time in a while.  We flew over the north part of the Olympic Peninsula and landed at Port Angeles.

Quick Lunch

It had been a few weeks since we had a family flight, so we planned to finally head out to Hoquiam to check out the cafe there.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great, so we decided on a quick trip over to Arlington to eat there.  The weather wasn’t very good there, either, but there were still a few planes flying, including a busy glider operation.

On the short flight back, Paine was reporting 1100′ ceilings, so we filed an IFR flight plan and Kelly and Cooper got their first experience instrument flying.


He was very sleepy by the time we got back.


Instrument Practice

Haven’t been doing too much flying lately, with the bad weather and all of us having colds for a couple weeks.  I did get up last weekend to do a couple practice approaches, which you can see here at 16x speed.

Family Airplane

About 5 years ago, with the “preview plans” in hand for the RV-7 (a 2-seat kit), Kelly mentioned that we may want to consider building a 4-seater if we’re going to have a family in the future.  Well now the added complexity, build time, and cost of the RV-10 is worth it. Yesterday we took our first “family flight”, to breakfast at the Spruce Goose Cafe.  It was a short flight, and Cooper did great, sleeping the whole time.

All pictures here: http://kochman.smugmug.com/RV-10/Trips/Coopers-First-Flight

Breakfast and Tulips

Last weekend was Kelly’s baby shower, so we had family in town.  On Saturday, I took “the grandmas” to breakfast at the Spruce Goose Cafe, and then we flew over the tulips in the Skagit Valley.


Weather and Clouds

The weather hasn’t been great lately, which means not much flying.  I did get up this weekend, though, which was fun.  Here’s a picture I took above the clouds with my iPhone.

Flying again!

After almost 5 weeks, I’m back in the air.  Did a quick post-maintenance flight on Friday evening, and everything is working well.

Lunch in Bellingham and 100 Hours!

Flew with Tom and Kay Staggs (Long-EZ) up to Bellingham for lunch at a Greek place close to the airport.  Kelly and our friend BJ rode with us.  Great time, great food, and a great facility at Bellingham, complete with a crew car!

Tom and Kay in their Long-EZ

Us, taken by Kay, with Mt. Baker in the background

Everyone is cool, calm, and collected

Ready to depart Bellingham

Exactly 11 months after our first flight, we reached 100 hours on the airplane, just as we returned home!

100 hours on the Hobbs (engine time)

Here are the rest of the pics from the flight: http://kochman.smugmug.com/RV-10/Flying-to-Bellingham-February

Friday Harbor Lunch

On Saturday, 10 of us in 6 airplanes met in Friday Harbor for lunch.  It was a rare sunny, relatively warm day in February, so the ramp (parking area) at Friday Harbor was packed.  We had a good lunch at the Cask & Schooner.

Here’s a video of us leaving.

Wind and Bumps

I took our friend Brad up for his first flight in the RV yesterday.  It was windy and bumpy around Paine, but less so around Seattle.

Here’s a video of the landing:

Here’s a video of the entire flight: