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Kit Pick-up

Final Part Adventure to Oregon (September) – Finishing Kit and Instrument Panel

We made what should be our final trip to Aurora, OR to pick up the finishing kit (doors, windows, wheels, etc.) and the instrument panel, better known as the dashboard for non pilots:)













Rob spent many hours working with the instrument panel team to make sure everything was perfect.  It will really make the inside of the airplane look polished to have the instruments so nicely labeled. 


They also made the wiring harness for the “instrument stack” which you can see how complicated it is by the picture. 










Finally when we got home we had to find a place for everything. Yes as you probably guessed, more parts went into the house.  The airplane has now taken over the living room and twin spare bedroom.  Even more motivation to work harder to get these parts out of the house and on the airplane in the garage 🙂  Rob’s favorite new airplane item is by far the Garmin GPS…

Picking up the quickbuild kit

Well, the day finally arrived. Our quickbuild kit was ready for pickup in Oregon, so Kelly and I took the train down to Oregon to pick it up. It was kind of a roundabout way to get there–train to Portland, hang out with our friend Seth, another train to Oregon City, spend the night there, then a cab to Canby to pick up the U-Haul, then drive to Aurora.

Here we are getting a tour of the factory while our kit is being loaded:
Getting a tour of the Van\'s factory

And here’s my goofy grin standing next to the loaded truck.

Unfortunately, as soon as we left Van’s, the engine coolant temp light came on.  It turns out the heater core had a leak.  The U-Haul repair guy came relatively quickly, but we did end up losing 3 hours while he fixed it.  We finally got home and unloaded everything into the garage.  It fits, but there’s not much extra room.

The next day, we dropped off the canopy top at Kelly’s dad’s house for storage until we need it.

We didn’t succeed in finishing the tailcone before the QB kits were ready to pick up, but we’re close–a few weeks away.  After inventorying the QB kit, we’ll get back to the tail.

The garage is clean and it is time to start riveting!

I am so happy to report that the many tools and components to the airplane kit have now been contained! We had a great trip to Costco to pick up 2 shelving units and a gigantic tool box. All of the pieces are on the shelves and most of the drawers on the tool chest our labeled. Last week we spent dimpling and priming the skins and horizontal stabilizer pieces.

We started the Clecoing and riveting today…just a few down and so many more to go.

Picking up the tail kit in Bend, Oregon

Rob found a man selling his partially completed tail kit located in Bend, Oregon.  We took the Civic down, loaded up the Uhaul and then caravaned back.  It was a long trip, but exciting as it officially starts our airplane building adventure.  The man we bought the kit from had an immaculate garage and was so meticulous we are sure the few pieces he already did are top notch, and we were able to buy all of his top of the line tools as well.