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We built an airplane! This page answers some frequently asked questions.

What do you mean you built an airplane?

From 2007-2011, Kelly and I constructed¬†from a kit a Van’s RV-10, a 4-seat “experimental” airplane that cruises at about 185 mph.



How can you trust something you built in your garage?

The airframe itself is fairly overbuilt–there’s some pretty decent room for error in construction. To ensure we did an adequate job there, we took some construction classes and had got informal inspections from many friends who have also built airplanes. The parts that could really bite us are the ones with single points of failure (e.g. control, electrical, and fuel systems). For those, we did a lot of research, stuck to the plans as much as possible, and got many, many experienced sets of eyes on our work?

How long did it take?

3 years, 6 months, and 1 week

How much did it cost?

We never did actually track every dollar, but we think we have about $140,000 in it.

How far can it go without refueling?

About 900 miles or so. Generally our stamina (especially the kids’) is less than that of the airplane.

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