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August, 2016:

2.5 for Nicholas

Nope, not 30 months, but it appears to be the closest one we took to his 2.5 milestone.  Guess that is what moving into a new house can do for you 🙂

Height: 36.5 (67%)

Weight: 30lbs 11oz (61%)

Nicholas has two “lovies”.  He uses the book Nene made for him as his pillow and must be holding the red spiked ball in a hand.  The ball makes for the funniest sleepy lines/spots on his face and hands.

Mr. independent has figured out how to get a plate down for his breakfast fruit after securing his yogurt from the fridge.

First round of antibiotics due to an infection from a leech.  Yes, it is true.  Nearly 2 weeks after I removed a leech from his leg in Jackson Hole it became infected and a quick trip to the urgent care had Nicholas on antibiotics, every 6 hours 24 hours a day…  You can see the innocent little circle from the original bite just above the rash looking area.