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October, 2015:


This picture makes me smile so big.  First off, the fact that both kids are in their costume and smiling.  Secondly, the amazing job Rob does to capture these two on camera.  Finally, we kicked off another Halloween with the wonderful festivities at Molbaks in Woodinville.

Grandpa and Grandma met us at Molbaks and joined us for trick or treating at the local businesses.

We met up, briefly, with the Sadlier family and even saw our neighbors the Adseros while in town.

We finished the evening leaving a bowl of candy on the doorstep while trick or treating at the 20+ homes in our neighborhood loop.  Cooper wouldn’t stop until we went to all the neighborhood houses and Nicholas was game too.


Halloween at School

We have been counting down for weeks in anticipation of Daddy getting to go to preschool with Cooper for Daddy pumpkin carving day.

Success!  They carved the sugar pumpkin that they had picked out earlier at the pumpkin patch field trip.

Following the pumpkin carving Cooper and his friends showed off their gym skills.  It was a packed hour and lived up to all expectations.  Both Daddy and Cooper were thrilled with this special time together.

Nicholas had some Halloween fun of his own at toddler group on the same day.

Nicholas and his 2 friends and their parents all dressed up for Halloween at toddler group.

20 Months

Developments:  First Words!  Nicholas now has a few “parents understand only” words: Up, Yes, Beer.  Mama is his go to sound for when he is sad or wants a snuggle, but doesn’t necessarily mean he wants me specifically.  His sign for eat is used to also let us know he is uncomfortable or unsure of a situation.  We now have had almost 2 months of weekly social therapist and bi-weekly physical therapist visits.  Nicholas has really warmed up to both of them and greets them at the door with a smile and excited to play.  He has been making strides in controlling his frustration, displaying patience and regulating his body.  Meals have become almost relaxing at times with Nicholas signing “all done” or “napkin” to tell us he is ready to be cleaned up.

Our boy is displaying a sillier side and likes to face backwards when he first gets in his car seat and thinks he is hysterical.

Starting the race with the neighborhood friends, ie how to get the kids to use up energy every chance we get.

Physical:  Nicholas is now wearing 2t clothes and size 4 diapers.  We still use a nighttime diaper over night.  He poops ~3 times a day with two of those likely happening before 9am.  Check out his belly and to think he was identified as “failure to thrive” just 8 months ago.

Routine:  We have dropped the morning “rest” all but 1 or 2 days a week when I need to take a shower. His afternoon nap is pretty consistently 2 hours, often with a cry for a few minutes after an hour.  Bedtime starts with a bath at 6:30 with Daddy and then getting dressed, brushing teeth and reading two books with Mama.  The favorite book this month is Dear Zoo.  The last book read each night continues to be I am a Bunny.  Nicholas is not a fan of brushing his teeth right now, but loves the liquid vitamin part of his routine and eager requests it with a “ba” each night.

Eating: Nicholas loves carbs more than anything this month.  He will eat other food after the carbs are gone or if they are not offered at a meal.  He starts every morning with two prunes, a full container of greek yogurt (1/2 flavored, 1/2 plain), a cup of fruit and a sippy cup of milk.  He continues to drink just an ounce or two of milk at a meal.  Lunch is typically a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with grapes and some pirate booty or veggie straws with water to drink.  Dinner is a variety of foods, typically pasta or chicken a couple times a week.  His diet also includes a daily sip of the beer he helps Daddy open each evening.  This evening he got a full handful of beer foam too.


Preschool Field Trip

We joined Cooper on his first preschool field trip to a local pumpkin patch today.  It was a special treat to get to do this midweek activity with Daddy too.

Nothing to see here… the ground was really uneven and muddy.  Nicholas took a couple of spills in his boots, but took it all in stride.

After meeting the farm’s animals we got to dig in dirt for worms

Next we picked out the perfect pumpkin for each boy from their pumpkin patch

Cooper and his Totem Preschool buddies.  Cooper is on the far right in gray.

The fun didn’t stop when we followed the pumpkin patch with a picnic lunch at Grasslawn park

Their faces tell you just how much fun throwing fall leaves in the air is for our family while we were at Grasslawn




103 degrees

This is what a kid with a 103 degree fever looks like.  I could tell he didn’t feel good when he became so relaxed in the swing he nearly fell asleep.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until I took his temperature after nap.  Poor little guy.

Toddler Group Halloween Party

I almost cried I was so happy.  Both boys willingly put their costumes on for this Halloween party.  I had the odds close to 5% to have them both in a costume on Halloween, I never dreamed it would happen even before the official day.

Cooper and Nicholas were a part of an amazing Woodinville Toddler Group these past two years.  One of their friends hosted a reunion party getting these big preschoolers back together for another play date.

Cooper even got to dress up in his buddy, Asher’s, homemade Thomas costume.

PEPS Pumpkin Fun

Cooper muscling the top off of a pumpkin.

We still meet weekly with our PEPS friends, but some of Cooper’s friends are in everyday preschool and can’t make it.  We have added a few family weekend dates to the fall calendar to keep the crew together.  Cooper’s friend Austin hosted an amazing brunch and pumpkin carving event.  A great time was had by all.

Most of our local PEPS crew showing their creative pumpkin carving skills

First time using a knife for some pumpkin carving fun.

Nicholas loves all things musical.

Cooper runs to the drum set every time we visit Austin’s house.


Cooper is taking the opportunity to nap each day with ~20% success.  Most of the time he plays pretty quietly moving his books around or dumping and reloading his hamper.  When he does fall asleep he looks so peaceful it is hard not to want to lay down next to him and snuggle up.

When you dress yourself to look like an inmate it is hard for Mama not to put you to work with manual labor so she can have a giggle at your own expense 🙂

With two beds in his room currently, twice this week Cooper has chosen to nap between the two beds on the floor.

You can probably guess that with a lack of napping from big brother he has needed some extra attention.  Nicholas found that to be the perfect time to pull down his lunch plate and start eating while I was upstairs with Cooper.  I was suspicious what he found to make him quiet for so long, but was pleasantly surprised to find eating off the floor was all it ended up being.

To help prepare for his PEPS friends to come over, Cooper opted to take a bit out of each apple I had laid out to cut up for their snack.

The boys love the opportunity to meet Daddy after work and help him come home.  One might argue that wearing a backpack, carrying a toddler and trying to push a bike uphill with the help of a preschooler is not all that helpful (especially when your wife opts to take pictures instead of help)…

We Have Contact

The boys have just discovered they can reach each other in the backseat.  This seems like the sweet spot when they can only reach each other if they both want to do it 🙂

A favorite afternoon activity is to sweep outside.  Recently during our daily walk to the mailbox the boys asked to bring their brooms.  Impressively they walked around the entire block carrying their brooms the whole way.

Nene Fall Visit Fun

We went to The Farm at Swan’s Trail for some pumpkin patch fun.  The kids loved the slides, water games and digging in the corn kernels.

We picked out our perfect pumpkins and had a great day in the sunshine.

The boys were so happy to be outside coloring with Nene they were laying on the sweetness factor.

Digging after a light rain makes for some sticky sand at our playground visit.

Nicholas loved the Nene 1:1 time while Cooper was at school.  They could have played together in the swing for hours.