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September, 2015:

19 Months

Nicholas is getting more silly and smiley each week.  This month marks the first complete month of having a weekly social therapist and bi-weekly physical therapist to work with Nicholas on social interactions and movements that give him the big feedback he craves.  He is warming up to them and we are all learning new ways to interact and play together.

A highlight of Nicholas’ day continues to be when Daddy comes home and he gets to help him open a beer.  He insists on a sip of each beer he helps pour.

The boys and their beer

During the boys weekend Nicholas had his first corn on the cob and loved it.

When the water is warm Nicholas is a big fan of swim lessons with Daddy.  We are also working on extending the time that he is in care at the gym with a quick visit each Saturday during brother’s swim lesson.

Firsts: Swim lessons, corn on the cob, toddler group, Mariners game, Weekend away from Mama

Boys Weekend

This weekend was Mama’s first weekend away from the boys since Nicholas was born.  Daddy started off showing some super powers by watching our friends’ kids too, 4:1, he is a brave man.

They had some park time, digging, running and playing together.

Even a trip to Costco, where Cooper declared “look it is almost Halloween” when seeing the Christmas decorations.

They ended the boys weekend with some pizza, beer and football at Bellevue Brewing.  It was reported to be a very successful weekend!

I had an amazing weekend away with my best friend, Nicole, in Erie, CO.  We enjoyed cider, hiking, family time with her boys and husband, shopping and catching up.  The timing was perfect for our hike.  The fall colors were gorgeous.  We ended up hiking to Black Lake which we later looked up the details: marked ‘strenuous’ in the book with 1,480 ft elevation gain to 10,600 ft and 4.8 miles each way.  We saw moose on the hike back and we ended it watching an entire herd of elk crossing the main street of town on our way home.

Toddler Group

I have really been looking forward to this time when I get to go do an activity with just Nicholas.  We started our weekly toddler group today on one of the days Cooper is at preschool.  Nicholas was pretty cuddly and slower to warm up, but you could tell it felt familiar to him after coming last year with his brother.

Ball pit snuggles.

Dinner Flight

We are moving into the hard time of year to get the kids up in the plane.  The days are shorter and the weather is cloudier.  The stars aligned today for a wonderful dinner trip to Tacoma Narrows.  Nicholas wasn’t sure of flying at first, but it was a quick trip and they both loved dinner at the diner.  The flight home was smooth sailing too.  Thanks for another flying adventure, Daddy!

First Mariners Game

We had talked about it for a very long time and today we finally took the kids to their first Mariners game.  Up until this point Cooper had only attended one baseball game and that was at 11 months old watching the Montgomery Biscuits minor league team in Alabama.

We brought Grandma and Grandpa too.

Cooper loved sitting by Grandma and really got into cheering for the game and mimicked all of her sayings.  It was really fun to watch him learning so much about the game from her.

Nicholas loved running the walkways with Grandpa to get his sillies out.  During their walks Grandpa even found a place to get each boy a certificate to commemorate their first Mariners game.

These two and their beer obsession….

Daddy wanted to get Cooper a treat at the game.  Once he saw the chocolate covered strawberries stand there was no convincing him that he wanted anything else.

Swim Lessons

Our Saturday mornings are now swimming mornings.  Cooper and Nicholas are both taking lessons at the YMCA.  Cooper was a bit timid for his first set of lessons without a parent in the water with him.  Daddy took a morning off from work to take Cooper to the pool and this magically turned the experience around.  Cooper willingly and excitedly participated in the remaining lessons with the teacher after that magic morning with Daddy.  Nicholas really enjoyed his first set of lessons with Daddy.  Mama loved being there to help with the two kiddos and not having to get in the water too.

It started off as a walk in Kirkland


After some time at the playground and a walk along the dock we divided up so Cooper could throw some rocks in the lake and Nicholas could keep walking. Daddy was a bit surprised to come back to find Cooper down to his undies thoroughly enjoying Lake Washington.  It was one of those scenarios that went: if you are going to get close to the water let me take your shoes/socks off, let’s roll up your pants, oh your pants are getting wet so let’s take them off, well with no pants on your sleeves might get wet too so off comes the shirt and now you are standing in the lake in your undies.  Once Nicholas saw Cooper there was no holding him back from joining in the splashing fun.  You can almost hear Nicholas’ adorable giggle looking at this picture.

Nana and Pop-pop Visit

A Nana and Pop-pop visit isn’t complete without a few adventures.  We went to the Evergreen State fair where Cooper got to ride his first carnival ride.  He chose the cars.

They even went to the locks to find some salmon and watch some boats.

We explored the Children’s Museum in Everett.  The change collecting hurricane type bowl was a big hit.  Cooper probably spent 75% of his time watching the model trains and they both really enjoyed the water exhibit.

Nicholas looked like a little robot when walking in his apron since it was the longest it could be without dragging on the ground.


Building structures for the water fountains is hard work.

Nicholas was in heaven being fed Pirate Booty by Nana.

So much so that he is signing for more even though not another drop of anything would fit in his mouth.

Cooper had so much to say to his captured/captive audience of Pop-pop at the stove while cooking.

We celebrated Nana’s birthday a little early so we could give her some presents in person and of course eat cake with her too.

First Day of Preschool

Cooper is a preschooler!

The excitement is building as we leave for school.

With Nana and Pop in town, Cooper got the double parent drop off today.  We were being silly in the car waiting for the school doors to open.

Totem Preschool first day drop-off, with custom school bag in hand.