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August, 2015:

Blue Friday

Happy Blue Friday and the start of football season.

Cooper loved waiting for Nicholas to go down the slide together.  Nicholas loved to hold onto this handle (and wouldn’t let go even after sliding down) ultimately rotating him on to his belly as he slide down the slide.

We love Miner’s Corner park for the great play structure and a fun nature trail around the perimeter.

18 Months


Height: 32.5 in. (50%)

Weight: 26lbs. 9oz. (75%)

Head Circumference: 19.8 in. (98%)

Developments: Nicholas loves to be outside and walking.  He now exclusively walks and uses crawling only to be silly or when he is really tired.  Our boy loves to point!  His primary verbal sound is baa, but he definitely associates words with getting things and seems to vary his baa sound.  The ma sound comes out really quickly if I am not the one to go get him from his crib.  Apparently he says ma repeatedly and goes straight to our bedroom looking for me.  When you ask for a kiss this is the adorable face you get.

Nicholas loves music.  If he hears Run Baby Run, Bad Blue Jay or Small Black Ant by Caspar Babypants he gets a huge smile and instantly starts dancing.  His favorite toy is a tape measure.  His favorite book is the First 100 Words.  When reading that book for every nap and bedtime he makes sounds for the firetruck, car and airplane.  He will make a moo sound for the cow and of course a baa for the sheep.  He also makes a eese noise for the picture of cheese or if you hold a phone up and he thinks you are going to take a picture.

Nicholas loves to clean.  Any drop of water on the floor quickly gets wiped up by him.  Nicholas makes many of the water puddles, he cleans up, when he pushes the water button on the outside of the fridge.  We go through a ton of hand towels.

He loves to do everything his brother does.  Many times throughout the day, the boys get their walkers and Nicholas takes the lead as they run around the house.

If Nicholas is ever quiet for very long he has gone one of two places.  He either raced to the bathroom to climb the stool and play with the faucet or headed up both flights of stairs to giggle with delight while looking down through the spindles.

Physical: The top right canine is now poking through.  Nicholas has mastered using his smile to flirt and communicate when he wants something. He wears size 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

Eating: Nicholas loves carbs and doesn’t hold back his excitement if you ask him if he wants some crackers, bread, etc.  We are adding an “all done” plate to each meal to give him a place to put food instead of throwing it when he is done eating.  It is a work in progress to get to the end of a meal without him getting really upset and hitting his head on his chair.  Nicholas loves his camelback water bottle and drinks ~6oz a day of milk during his three meals with a Nuk cup.

Routine: Nicholas wakes up around 6am and takes his first “nap” at 8am.  His morning nap pretty much never includes sleeping now, but it is still the time I use to shower and Cooper gets dressed.  We have a snack and then head out for the days activities.  Lunch and then an afternoon nap.  A 1.5 hour nap is common.  Sometimes he wakes after an hour to cry for 10-20 minutes before falling asleep again getting closer to a 2 hour nap.  Dinner at 5:30pm, with bath time at 6:30pm and in bed at 7pm.  My favorite part of each day is how cuddly Nicholas gets before going to bed.  He holds on like a koala bear and completely relaxes as we sing him his goodnight song.


Nene Visit

Nene visits are so much fun.  The kids love showing her all the toys at parks.

They love to help her get ready in the morning too.

It is so much fun when Nene is here that we were even able to capture a rare sleeping Nicholas picture.  He typically wakes up instantly to the click of the door handle.  He must have been tired.

Nene is an amazing motivator to get things off of our “to do” list.  This visit we removed and reinstalled deck boards and then stained the deck and front pillars.  The boys were on clean up crew.  Give these boys each a broom and they can play for a very long time.

90 Years

So many great memories with this group.  Doris went to high school with my Grandma and Betty Baker, the mother of the “kids” pictured.  When I saw Doris a few months ago, for the first time since our wedding, she had mentioned wanting to see the Baker kids.  Getting word of this request and learning her 90th birthday is this October we had to make something happen.

My mom reached out to the Baker family and found old pictures for us all to reminisce over.  Doris seemed so happy and that made it all worth it.  It makes me miss my Grandma, but all cherish the memories even more.

Pictures with the blanket Doris made my mom for her baby shower for me and my kiddos.  Pretty cool to think the blanket is almost 40 years old and we can have four generations together with it.

The sweetest lady you will ever meet.  Her smile and laugh fill my heart with such happy memories.  I am so happy she got to meet our kids and help keep our camping group together after all these years.


After years of watching the hot air balloons floating over Woodinville we decided we needed to be in one ourselves.  It was on Rob’s bucket list and I loved this idea so it was his birthday present last year.

We flew with Balloon Depot out of Snohomish.  That morning the two pilots spent a lot of time trying to decide which way the wind was blowing.  It wasn’t blowing much at all in any direction.  When we got to the destination, they unrolled the balloon fabric and turned the basket on its side to begin the inflation.

They ultimately decided to take off from Lord Hill Farms with a plan to land at the Snohomish airport.  Yes, we have had these tickets since December and when the day arrived it was the smokiest day we have ever seen.  The 6am meeting time allowed us to enjoy an incredible bright red sunrise from the smoke.

An “in the air” picture.

The other balloon descended too quickly and was very slow to make it to the airport.  They had some fun with the lack of wind and got within inches of the river before lifting back up to clear the trees on the river bank.

We landed safely exactly where our pilot said we would.  Pretty incredible that with no directional or speed control a hot air balloon pilot could be so accurate.  We did learn there are flaps in the balloon that could be pulled on to spin the balloon around to give all of the passengers different views.

Bucket list, check!

Fun Dentist Visit

Cooper has a very understandable fear of the dentist.  He continually asks for reassurance that they will not pull a tooth out when we go.  Our local pediatric dentist, Dr. Rama, understands this and requested we schedule two fun visits before his next cleaning.  I was very impressed with this “fun visit”.  He used all of the powered dental tools, water, sucker, toothbrush, light and even move the chair up and down.  We came home with a mask, dental mirror, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  He even got 3 tokens instead of the standard 1 after a dental visit.  The hygienist really went above and beyond to make it a nearly 45 minute fun visit  (apparently they are typically 20min) and let Cooper do anything he wanted.

Bonus Auntie Kari Time

We were very lucky to get two bonus nights with Auntie Kari.  She was in town for a wedding and purposely booked tickets to stay with us the day before and after the wedding weekend.

Daddy Time

Daddy time is the highlight of every weekend!  He is so much fun to play with.

At a party this weekend, Daddy was teaching Cooper the fine art of pouring a beer from a keg.  Teaching life skills at the ripe young age of 3.

Nicholas woke up early from his nap and enjoyed some extra Daddy snuggles.

Seaside, OR

I have so many wonderful memories of visiting Seaside, OR as a child.  I have been waiting for the day when I got to share it with my own family.  Our friends agreed and we made it a dual family vacation.

While the rest of the adults unpacked I took the eager sand diggers to the beach for a quick adventure.

Nicholas jumped into the full experience and dumped handfuls of sand on his head within minutes of having his toes in the sand.

We stayed in 1/2 the house on the left.  The little ones had their own rooms and the toddlers shared.  Between the camera and monitor a highlight of many nights was listening to Cooper and his buddy chatting it up before they fell asleep.  One night Cooper was particularly tired and his friend was not.  He kept telling her to go to sleep and stop playing.  She really wanted him to come off the bed and play with her.  He said he couldn’t because then he couldn’t get back in the high bed. Finally she turned the light on and that really irked him so he jumped out of bed to turn it off.  Now he was stuck and couldn’t get back up.  They were trying to work together to get him back in bed.  At one point she grabbed his ankle and raised it up to his head (the height of the bed) which wasn’t quit the leverage point he needed 🙂  The adults were laughing hysterically watching them try to problem solve, but ultimately one of us went up there to lift Cooper back in bed.

Early risers meant 6am beach walks.  The wind was the calmest at this time making our sunshine walks very pleasant.

This was a childhood memory of mine I had to share with the group.  Skeet ball at the arcade, that hasn’t changed in 30 years, impressive!  Mini golf was the other activity I was hoping we could all do, but you had to be 6 to play.

Initially Cooper wanted to hold hands when we got to the water’s edge, but he soon warmed up.  Sprints from the sand castles to the water and back were a daily activity and helped keep us warm in the wind.

The Kochman boys taking on the next set of waves with their toes.

This was our first vacation with Nicholas fully walking and he loved the sand.

Nicholas also loved his friend’s toes.  It was a crazy obsession.  Every time the little guy started to crawl Nicholas would run after him, drop down and start nibbling on his toes.  They both seemed to enjoy the game so it continued all weekend long.

Are you kidding us, a bulldozer at the beach?  Yes!  This weekend was a big volleyball tournament where they made the bleachers out of sand.  We were lucky enough to capture them knocking them down at the end of the tournament.

Cooper experienced his first ice cream cone drop.  Unfortunately, Mama is the one who did it when trying to “help” take the paper off of the cone.  It probably shouldn’t count since he didn’t actually drop it, but the emotions were real and finally corrected when he got Mama’s ice cream instead.

After watching Cooper’s friend do the carousel, Nicholas decided he wanted to do it too.  Before the carousel started he began to get upset and move a bunch.  We were nervous he wanted off, but it turns out he just wanted the ride to start.  He loved it.

Seeing the others do it, Cooper then wanted a piece of the action.  He selected the sleigh for his carousel ride experience with Daddy.

We ended this amazing beach weekend with a birthday doughnut celebration.  It was the first time Cooper actually sang happy birthday, perhaps the excitement of donuts after fueled his voice.

All of the pictures from our adventure can be found in the August folder here.


He wants to do everything we are doing.  The most successful times are had when we can find a way to have him “help” with a task instead of trying to rush to get it done without him.  Examples: He now has his own eye shadow in our bathroom and proudly puts it all over his face.  When unloading the dryer he holds up each piece of laundry to the light inside the dryer to “dry it.”

I oat it = I ate it

Bee-rito = burrito

“I want to tell you something” or “let’s talk about it” – both daily sayings we use with him.

Yesterday – Nearly everything that has happened in the past is referenced as “yesterday”

Repeating our names.  To get our attention he will say Mama and especially Daddy at least 3 times.  We often do it to him so it is not too surprising to have it come back to us.

Each night he needs a “pretend” black and white remote placed into his hands when he is in bed.  Yes, he calls them pretend, yes they are pretend, and yes Daddy does this for him every night.  It started when there were some scary characters during Tumble Leaf.  We gave him the remote so he could turn them off if they entered his dreams.  We are hoping this has some staying power as he enters the stage where some kids start having nightmares.

Each time Daddy is in the kitchen at dinner time Cooper will ask him what kind of pasta he is making.  You think we might make pasta a bit too often?