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July, 2015:

Parade, Fireworks and Walking

Happy 4th of July!

Apparently Nicholas knew it was going to be a big day and ate a huge breakfast at Bubba’s.  Using an adult sized fork didn’t slow him down at all.

After breakfast we walked to town for their annual parade.  Cooper wasn’t a fan of the loud noises, but Nicholas thrived in this environment.  Nicholas was clapping to the music, waving and even standing up in front of his chair at times with excitement.

Both boys loved playing with Gracie, especially Nicholas.

Most exciting of all is that today Nicholas took his first steps!  This day marks one of the very best days Nicholas has had, perhaps it was the anticipation of this big milestone that made him so happy.

Jackson Hole for the 4th of July Holiday Weekend

This was our 5th annual trip to Jackson in our airplane.

Our plane is the jalopy of the group when you fly into this airport with so much $$$ in airplanes surrounding us.

Games with Nana

Cooper helped Pop-Pop make homemade pasta.  It was really delicious!

Double “underdog” had the boys laughing in hysterics.

Nicholas working on his coaster tricks at Snake River Brewery.

Making Nana into a bee-rito, Cooper’s favorite food.