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July, 2015:

17 months

Development: We have a walker!  He has also stopped nursing and showed an increase appreciation for books.  He has discovered he can open door handles.  When it is the front door he opens he quickly gets off the top step and gets as far as he can down the walkway before we get back from the garbage can.

Physical:  Top two molars have now come through and the top left canine tooth.

Sleeping:  Morning nap is now just a time to have him contained while I take a shower.  He is often quiet, but if I look at the camera he is moving around during that “nap.”  He may not sleep because more than half the time he has pooped when we go get him.  Afternoon nap is an hour many days with bedtime at 7.  Mornings are starting around 6am.  The benefit is that we are all up in plenty of time to wave goodbye to Daddy from the front porch as he heads to the bus stop.

Firsts:  Standing independently, walking, water slide, open door handles, final nursing

Nap time

This is what nap time looks like these days.

I told Cooper if he didn’t take a nap he could come pull weeds with me and he jumped at the “opportunity.”  Ever since he moved to the big boy bed we have had about 20% success with naps.  We are working hard to try for an hour of quiet time with an ultimate goal* of 2 hours. *A month later, quiet time is still 1 hour at best.  If he comes out he gets a lock on the door and if he is loud and wakes Nicholas he doesn’t get to watch Daniel Tiger before bed.  We are obviously in need of a new strategy to reach our 2 hour goal and have it be a more positive experience for him so any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Nicholas continues to be a consistent short napper.  In the afternoon, at the one hour point he will wake up and start crying really hard.  About 40% of the time he goes back to sleep after 10 minutes of crying.  The rest of the time we go get him after 20 minutes when it is apparent he is not going back to sleep.  On this day in particular he opted to toss out his crib buddies and take off and toss his pants (a first).


Two weeks ago, this morning Daddy got up with Nicholas to start a cold turkey weaning attempt, which meantgoing from a morning and night feeding to none.   We didn’t talk about it before, so none of us knew in advance that Friday night would be the last feeding, for better or worse.  I left Saturday evening to be out of the house for Daddy to do bedtime without the reminder to nurse, and Nicholas was only slightly off by the change in the routine.  In the morning, we now go right down to breakfast to start the day.  In the evening we read more books in the rocker before his goodnight book.  One of his favorites is the picture book he is holding above.

I did have one miscalculation when I stopped nursing.  A week later, I found myself in a tent, in the woods, with extremely full and painful breasts.  Without a pump the only solution was to nurse Nicholas again.  I tried a short nursing and Nicholas insisted on a full nursing, which I completely understood.  This tent nursing was ultimately my final nursing, and my body and Nicholas both agreed, too.

Apparently Rob and Cooper missed seeing the nursing chair in use and decided to take matters into their own hands.



We are in love with blueberry picking!  It is the perfect kid activity: large bushes in rows where no one can escape and they can eat the berries right from the bushes.  My best friend’s extended family owns this farm, 20 minutes from our house.

We have even convinced friends to come with us.  This visit started with sprinkles that turned into a downpour, soaking everyone to the core.  You know it was a great time when, despite being soaked, the adults and kiddos are still smiling.

We even took Grandma and Grandpa there a week later.

Camping 2015 – Blu-Shastin

For our annual camping trip we headed back to Blu-Shastin for the second year in a row.  It is only a 2 hour drive, the sites are on a river, the park has a pool and decent restrooms.

This is our two room tent set-up this year.  One side has a queen air mattress and all of the bags.  The other side has a twin air mattress and pack ‘n play along with padded flooring for the play area.  Cooper called this bed his “air bed.”

The boys adapt really well to sleeping in different places.  We put them to bed at 8pm the first night and kept them up until 9pm the second night so that it was a little quieter with some of the other kids also in bed.  Like clock work they were both up by 6am both mornings.

There was a campfire ban this year, but the Zimmardi family pulled through for us.  They purchased a propane fueled campfire so Cooper got to make his first smores.

Nicholas loved playing in the tent and bouncing from air mattress to air mattress.  We are excited to get to go camping next year with 2 walkers.  We have had four consecutive years with at least one kiddo in arms or crawling.

The Turner, Zimmardi and Kochman family camping kids!

Cart Buddies

Nicholas and Cooper are exploring new ways to play together now that Nicholas is feeling more confident on his feet.  Nicholas is most confident taking 3-4 steps between two stable objects.  He will walk to you with lots of encouragement and usually crashes just before he reaches you from his giggling.  Today the boys walked around the house making 10+ loops both holding on to this shopping cart.  Nicholas did an incredible job of walking really fast to keep up and Cooper was super patient with him.

Taking the Show on the Road

Santa brought Cooper a balance bike for Christmas and he has spent the past 6 months riding it all around the house on the same figure 8 track.  We told him once it was sunny we would let him ride outside and then the bike would become an outside bike.

On the first day of riding outside we quickly realized one big difference between inside and outside, hills.  He is adapting quickly and chooses to slow down and stop by dragging the soles of his shoes.  A highlight of his day is getting to ride to go meet Daddy when they can ride their bikes home together.

All that bike riding leads to Cooper’s new favorite game.  He loves to water the lawn and garden for 20 -30 minutes.  When I get down to the two minute warning to come into the house he turns the hose on himself and proceeds to get drenched from head to toe.


Date Day

We loved how our friends the Elliotts have done individual dates with the kids.  We finally did it. Daddy took Cooper to the Arlington airshow for their date.

They came back talking all about airplanes and loved the bonding time together.

Nicholas and I went to the gym for 20 minutes.  We have been going every other day to try and build up his confidence so I can be gone without tears.  Today a minute passed before the tears so I guess that is progress.  After that we headed to the Woodinville Farmers Market.  Nicholas loves people and people watching.  He helped pick out corn for tonight’s dinner and some flowers.

“I need a tissue”

Cooper came into our room this morning to tell us “I need a tissue.”  He neglected to mention that he just climbed out of his crib for the first time.  At 3 years and 1 month old we have been anticipating this day for a while, but were still surprised that it actually happened.  Fortunately Daddy had already decided to take the day off to extend our vacation time which now included transitioning Cooper to a big boy bed.

The last picture of our boy laying in his crib.

For a comparison, here is the first picture of Cooper in his crib.

We have always had a twin bed in Cooper’s room with the intention to use it as his big boy bed when he was ready.  We slid the crib to the side and then put the mattress on the floor declaring it his new bed.  He was really excited at the idea.  We thought that might be enough of a transition for the first day, but he then said he wanted to take apart his crib.  So just like that we now have a crib free room for Cooper.

Last year for the 4th of July holiday weekend we potty trained Cooper, this year Nicholas took his first steps and Cooper climbed out of his crib.  Apparently this holiday weekend is a milestone weekend in our family.  What will next year bring?

Jackson Town Square

We were official tourists and had our picture taken in front of the antler arches in the town square.

We then got some energy out with a game of chase in the grass.

Nicholas was excited to get out of the carrier after being jolted around during chase and have some time on the grass with Nana.

Cooper loved crossing with the flag on the way to check out the Snake River Brewery smores competition with a local bakery.  The brewery smores is still the best in our book.

Annual family picture on the deck.

Nana and Pop-Pop got in on the family deck photo action this year.

Nicholas is liking this whole flying thing.

When Nicholas did wake up from a snooze and was upset he would instantly fall asleep on my chest when I took him out of the car seat.  I know these sleeping snuggle times are fleeting so it was extra special to be able to comfort him so easily.