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June, 2015:


Today Nicholas pulled up to the standing position from the ground without holding on to anything.  His star outfit is perfect for his new “star” standing pose.  Like with other developments, Nicholas choose to show us this one once it was mastered.  He did it once and then repeated it 3 more times to make sure we all saw it including doing it on demand.

16 Months

Development:  Consistently lines up to slide down the stairs feet first.  Use a walker to make 10+ laps at a time around our house including controlling it to avoid obstacles and get unstuck.  Loves to flip over during diaper changes.  Nicholas has the best belly laugh and Cooper is an expert at getting him to do it.

For a few weeks now, Nicholas will surprise us with his random bear crawls.  Bear crawl = crawling on his hands and feet, but not his knees.  He will take 1-5 steps like this before going back to his standard crawl.

Speaking of crawling, this kid loves hard surfaces.  If we are playing in the grass he will beeline for the pavement and then take off crawling on it.  He is continuing the stage of putting everything in his mouth.  He does give an adorable “who me” smile when you remind him “not in your mouth.”

Physical:  Tooth #10, a bottom molar, is finally through.  The top two molars are showing 1-3 of the points, but still not through yet.  Nicholas has been working on these molars for a very long time.  It was one of the many reasons, back in April, we opted to turnaround on our Arizona trip.

Eating:  Nicholas loves most food and leans in the savory vs. sweet direction.  Whenever Daddy opens a beer Nicholas gets so excited and LOVES to take a “sip” from the bottle or can edge.  It was one of those activities that was funny at first, but now Nicholas insists on getting that sip.  For breakfast he feeds himself a full yogurt and some fruit.  Lunch is a half of peanut butter sandwich and fruit.  Dinner is the lightest meal and is just a smaller portion of what we have.  Nicholas loves any carbs.  This past week we dropped the midday nursing leaving just the morning and evening feedings now.  He transitioned pretty easily and really enjoys the silly play time before afternoon nap that was once the nursing time.

Sleeping:  Morning nap will happen if we give him enough time.  He could be fussy 20 minutes or more before falling asleep.  It is typically during that nap that he poops.  Afternoon nap is close to 2 hours most days with bedtime at 7.  Mornings are starting early, 5:30am early.  The benefit is that we are all up in plenty of time to wave goodbye to Daddy from the front porch as he heads to the bus stop.

First: Haircut, Trip to Florida and family reunion, Cousin visit, Ferry ride


Father’s Day

Today we celebrated our amazing Daddy with a flight to brunch at the Spruce Goose cafe.  Thank you for all that you do for our family!

Pantry Games

They say you shouldn’t compare, but we couldn’t resist.  When Cooper got into the food pantry he grabbed the puffs.  When Nicholas got into the pantry he grabbed a handle of Scotch.

Berry Picking

We took the whole crew berry picking today at Remlinger Farm.

Auntie Kari helping Cooper find strawberries.

We moved to the raspberry fields after the strawberries and they were so much easier to pick.  Apparently they were still not easy enough as Nicholas opted to pick directly from my box.

A Day in Seattle

Kari and Brant got married in Seattle and had pictures taken at Pike Place market so we went back to take some family pictures.

The gum wall.

We then came home and had a quadruple birthday party.  This will be the one birthday the girls are exactly twice Cooper’s age.

Cousin Visit!

Daphne (6), Cooper (3), Stella (6), Nicholas (15mo) and Fiona (6)

We have been waiting for this visit for a very long time!  It is always a special treat to see all of the cousins together and of course have time with my sister and Brant.

Brant, Daphne, Fiona, Stella and Kari

Enjoying a ferry ride to Kingston, the triplets first time on a boat.

Kelly, Stella, Cooper, Daphne and Fiona

Enjoying the largest “single scoop” ice cream cones I have ever seen.

A bit of a sugar high on the windy ferry ride home.

Taking advantage of these NW trees after exploring the turtles and birds at Lake Washington.

Using every seat in the Highlander for Auntie and the kiddo crew.

The last Robertson visit when the girls were 9 months old.

Cooper Turns 3!

Our little Cooper turned the Big 3 today!


Height – 40″ (95%)

Weight – 42lbs (99%)

Development:  Cooper’s imagination continues to grow and he loves to share the stories with you while he is playing.  He is taking on some chores by setting the table for dinner, bringing his plate over after meals and unloading the silverware from the dishwasher.  He loves his little brother and will do anything to get a laugh from him.  One of their favorite activities to do together is walk around the house pushing their walkers with Nicholas leading and Cooper following.  They really enjoy climbing and sliding down the stairs together too.  Cooper continues to impress us with how his language is developing.  His sentence structure is more complex and he is understanding verb tenses.  He knows about 20% of the letters in the alphabet with “C” being his favorite, of course.  He really wants you to watch him do things “Daddy watch this, daddy watch.”  He loves to go outside to see Daddy leave in the morning and say “Bye Daddy, have a good day, I luv you.”  Watching the garbage trucks is a regular Monday thrill for Cooper.  He understands order of events well which has been very helpful in planning out the day/week and setting expectations.  He loves his three regular Skype sessions with family and pushing the hangup button when they are done.

Physical:  Cooper is wearing 5T shirts and 4T pants, shorts and undies.  He still has the incredible double dimple smile and eyes that seem to sparkle when he smiles.  His hair is a light brown and his eyes are hazel.  He wears size 8 shoes.

Eating:  Cooper loves to eat and will usually try one bite of something new.  He will be the first to admit he likes it after he tries it.  Breakfast and lunch are his biggest meals with dinner being a hit or miss.  He gets milk with breakfast and dinner and drinks water for lunch and throughout the day from a straw cup.

Sleeping:  Cooper loves to sleep and sleep in his crib.  He goes to bed around 7pm and wakes up around 6am (this early wake up seems to happen every summer).  He is in bed for nap 2-4 and sleeps at least an hour of that, most of the time.  His bed time snuggle buddies are Ally the alligator and an animal alphabet book.  He has recently added Furry Friends, a hard cover book to his sleeping buddy list.

Firsts: Lost tooth, broken bone, big boy bed sleeping experience,

Cooper’s actual birthday summed up in pictures:

Last night in his 2s

His last night as a 2 year old was in his big boy bed in our Pensacola, FL hotel room.

We had been talking up for weeks about his birthday was going to be at the beach and he would get to dig in the sand.  Well, at 6am (central time) this is where we were…digging in the sand in our jammies, his birthdays wishes were coming true.

Just what we asked for, a beachy themed carrot cake

If you end up in Florida and need a cake the Publix carrot cake was delicious!  Cooper was so happy to have cake and get to share it with his extended family.

Auntie Catherine had teased that we should give Cooper 3 birthday cakes for his 3rd birthday.  Little did we know that would come true when the restaurant that evening gave him his third birthday dessert of key lime pie.

This is what a hopped up on sugar and so excited for his birthday boy looks like lounging pool side at 10pm.  Getting up before 6am and going to bed after 10pm let Cooper enjoy a very full birthday.


Ingalls Family Reunion 2015

The 2015 Ingalls (Rob’s Mom’s siblings) reunion took us to Pensacola, Florida this year.

For family reference: Zoe (brown shirt) and Ed (yellow polo) welcomed us to their Pensacola home for a wonderful family dinner.  Jane/Nana (orange shirt, next to Rob) is Zoe’s sister and their brother is Charlie who is standing behind her in the plaid.  Donna is Charlie’s wife (in blue behind Zoe) and her son is Brian (green shirt) with his wife Ronda (in pink in front), their son Jack (in blue) and daughter Emily sitting next to Cooper.  Charlie’s daughter, Elizabeth (in yellow) with her husband Bryan (behind her in pink) have two daughters, Catherine and Anna (in white) sitting on the bottom step.  Rob’s family starts with Bob/Pop-pop (at the top in yellow), then diagonally is Charlie (in green), Catherine (in white), Jane (in orange) and Rob (in yellow).

The flight was exciting to Florida and full of snoozes back to Seattle.  We used both car-seats on the plane and used our carry-on suitcase to wheel them through the airport and even down the aisle of the plane.  It was about as easy as hauling those mammoth car-seats could have been/Rob did all the work.

We settled nicely into our hotel room with Cooper sleeping in his “big boy bed” (pull out couch), Nicholas in the pack n play and then a King bed for us.  The boys loved the joint story time at night including Cooper reading the “I am a bunny” book to Nicholas.  The gulf view room was perfect since we spent all nap and the first part of each night out on the deck while the boys fell asleep.   Cooper quickly learned the magic of asking one of us to lay down with him for a little bit during a snooze time.  We couldn’t resist and loved the sweet snuggle time with our boy each day.  Daddy even took a nap with him in our bed one day which was the first time either of us had fallen asleep in bed with him.  I now see how hard it is to say no to snuggle requests when kiddos sleep in a big boy bed.

We were a bit technology heavy with both a camera and baby monitor in the room, but it really helped us to make sure we didn’t go back in until they were both asleep.  We utilized the drawers in the room to unpack so everything had a place and we all knew where to find things.  This was the key to success with all of us in one room for a week.

At Zoe and Ed’s house badminton was a big hit with all of the kids.

Awesome shot captured by Rob.

Nicholas was thrilled when the bigger kids took a break in playing and he got his hands on a racket.

All zipped up and ready for his first boat ride.

Ed was the captain of the boating adventure.

Dinner was typically a meal out at a local restaurant for some fried seafood.

Many of the restaurants had playgrounds helping any wait times go by quickly.

The hotel provided an amazing complimentary breakfast and we bought all of the pb&j and fruit fixings for lunch which we enjoyed nearly every day out on the patio.  Yes, we even ordered a high chair booster seat sent directly to the hotel for Nicholas.  It made every meal so much easier and was worth every penny!

Our balcony door was a bit dirtier after these two played at it daily.

Nana loved digging in the soft white sand with Cooper and Nicholas.

Nicholas loved being in the gulf and couldn’t get enough of it.  He had a few short snoozed in our arms falling asleep to the movement of the waves when we were holding him in the water.

Daddy and his boys loving the warm salt water.

Cooper quickly mastered the hotel room door key even one handed while drinking from his water bottle.

Auntie Catherine helped watch the boys while we went back to our room to pack up, such sweet snuggles.

Moving out and heading home, we sure don’t travel light.

With a two hour layover we decided to splurge for a Shipley donut.  Apparently Cooper was so adorable enjoying the one donut we had planned to share as a family that the server gave him another complimentary donut just to see the joy on his face.  She wanted to give Nicholas one too, but we opted to pass since we had 4 hours of flying ahead of us and were hoping for a nap.

Have we mentioned that Nicholas will crawl anywhere?  He has a preference for major walkways, like terminal C at the Houston airport, and pavement.

All of the pictures from our Pensacola trip can be found here.


Cooper is just a tad bit excited for his new backpack we bought for when we fly to Florida.  He thinks it is the coolest thing to have a backpack just like Daddy wears to work.